Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, Jorge Posada is injured again. Suddenly that big contract he got a little over a year ago, is not starting to look so good.

You know what would be interesting: To see how well the pitchers perform in the next few weeks with Jose Molina behind the plate instead of Posada. For instance, in 2 games where CC Sabathia pitched to Molina, batters batted a .250 BA and had a .288 OBP. When Sabathia pitched to Posada: opposing batters had a .269 BA and a .373 OBP. For A.J. Burnett, when Posada was catching, batters hit .348 off him, and had a .672 slugging percentage. When Molina was catching Burnett, batters had a .194 batting average against him, and a .343 slugging percentage. And so on. Point is, Molina makes this expensive new Yankee staff better. And if the next few weeks show the Yankee pitchers on a role, it might be uncomfortable when Jorge comes back to play.

Gotta give it to Serena Williams for her chutzpah. Here's what she said yesterday about being ranked no. 2 in the world: "We all know who the real No. 1 is. Quite frankly, I'm the best in the world." All well and good, Serena, but as Bill Parcells said: "You are what your record says you are." And right now, you're number 2. You want to be number 1. Go and win. Unfortunately, here's what the uber-talented Williams had else to say.
"I always beat myself."
And it is true. Williams always makes dumb mistakes, or gets injured or some such. She is the most talented in the world, no doubt, she only seems to put it together in spurts—heck in 2002 and 2003, you looked as if you would dominate for years. Serena, go and make this year, your year. Put it together and make a real run.

Mariano Rivera's ERA in 76 career postseason games: 0.77 ERA. Just wanted to remind everyone

Woo-wee, let's hear it for congress. Comparing the BCS system to Communism! Now, heck I hate the BCS system just as much as any real college football fan, but seriously, doesn't Congress have better things to do? That said, I do feel a twinge of excitement that there might be a sliver of an outside chance of a playoff system actually getting installed. And you have to give it to the Mountain West Conference, which is getting Utah Senator Orrin Hatch involved and prompting Hatch to:
"...put the BCS on the agenda for the Judiciary's antitrust subcommittee this year, and Utah's attorney general, Mark Shurtleff, is investigating whether the BCS violates federal antitrust laws...."
Outstanding. Now we know that even when the MWC or any of the small conference talk about the "fairness of competition", the really are talking about the fair distribution of revenue from end of season games; the big conferences are getting huge revenues and the smaller ones are getting left out. however, in an odd twist of fate, all of this greed and battle over money might work out in the end for fans. Congress, might force an equal chance at revenue for all conferences—which means a playoff system—and which means finally fans will get what they want.

This NBA draft lottery simulator might be silly, but may it sure is fun at work—better than doing actual work.

Last week, I wrote about sports "journalists" trying to be funny or outrageous and just being uninformative and irritating. Well, here's some fool ranking on the millions and millions of people who watch the draft. Feel free to write Foxsports.com and tell them that you want him off their web site.

There are some whispers that Jason Taylor might head to Tampa Bay and team up with Gaines Adams as the ends in the Bucs front 4 rush. That would be intimidating. Taylor still has some chops left at rushing the QB, and he might be just what Adams needs to get over the hump and become the breakout player he could be.

And finally, here's a little something I found: Penn State Aaron Maybin—collegian and student/athlete—majored in "Integrative Arts" while a student at Penn State. Electives in "Integrative Arts" include a course on Elvis Presley ("eight chronologically arranged units of study that trace Elvis Presley's life") and a pop arts course with this incredibly rigorous requirement: "Every two weeks, students will be required to see, read, or hear an assigned contemporary work of popular mass media art."

Between the ridiculous answers the BCS committee have for preventing a playoff system ("a playoff system would stain college football with a brush of professionalism") and the complete lack of credibility regarding the student part of student-athlete (for Pete's sake, just pay these kids a part of the revenue), I feel like I gotta delouse every time I watch a college football game.

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