Monday, May 11, 2009


Seriously. What's wrong with this guy? I'm all for getting pumped, but this is ridiculous. Joba gets mocked by Aubrey Huff for being excitable...but this guy looks like he has a bowel movement every time he strikes a guy out. Alex Marvez had an article on how Michael Vick should construct his comeback to the NFL. Might I had to his list; learn how to be much more accurate. As PFToday wrote today: In the first two years of his career, Roddy White had less than 1000 total receiving yards. Since then he has a total of over 2600 yards. Just saying, Vick never made players around his better—kinda what a QB is supossed to do. Vick had time to develop, and a lot of apologists. Yet, my opinion stays the same since I saw him in Viginia Tech; he is a great athlete with a powerful arm. He is not a NFL quarterback.

Watched some of the Cavs whupping of the Hawks Saturday night, and...let me just say it...the insanity of Lebron James' shots—well, it reminded me of someone. And yes, I know there have been a million "next Michael Jordans" out there since His Airness retired, but the absolute ridiculousness of James' shots and the"Can't Miss" nature of his game. Well it really reminded me of a lot of Michael Jordan's playoff games and the way he'd just take over and you knew he wasn't going to miss.

Rex Grossman's agent says Rex is healthy and ready to compete to be a starting QB somewhere. He just wants a chance. Sorry, guy. But iI can't see many teams giving a guy who has a 54.2 completion rating and a barely 70.% QB rating much of a chance to start anywhere.

The Wall Street Journal (really?) posits this sports question: Should the Red Sox trade Big Papi? My question is....for what? He's has the textbook declining attributes and failing body common to the post-steroid user (see Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds). He's batting .224 and his slugging percentage is almost 300 hundred points lower than it was in his prime. And he's making 13 million this year. And he's signed through next year. Oh, and he can't play the field. So, what exactly, are the Red Sox going to get for him?

Saw this: One Vikings player was asked about the Brett Farve flirtation. His response: “Glad it’s over. We’re OK without him.”

Last week, writer Jon Heyman ranked baseball managers. In it, he had Joe Maddon 9th and Lou Pinella 10th. How is this possible? Pinella's Cubs have over twice times the roster salary that Maddon's Rays do. The Cubs get to sign high-priced players from Japan, big ticket free agents and to resign its own talented kids to keep them. The Rays have to keep their budget at 60 million or under. And last I checked the Cubs choked in the playoffs last year whileMaddon brought a bunch of kids to the World Series. Should be way higher than 9th or at least further away from Pinella's 10th.

And finally, if you haven't seen it, go find it. It's Torii Hunter's 9th inning game-saving robbery of a Miguel Olivio potential HW. Hunter calls it the 2nd best catch he's ever made. If this is the 2nd best, then I can't even imagine the first.

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