Monday, June 29, 2009


With the Yankees sporting a big 0-fer against the Red Sox this year, could you imagine what the local papers and talk radio would be saying if the Yankees had left the Red Sox "jinx" jersey underneath the new Stadium. My god, if would be the "Curse of the Big Papi" talk all over the media.

My idol when I was young was first Mickey Rivers, then Don Mattingly (who still is my idol to some degree), but since 1996, it has been Mariano Rivera. He is everything you could wish for, root for, dream about as a fan. He is the model of consistency, and of sportsmanship. He has a 2.3 career ERA, which is 18th all time, and most of the guys ahead of him played before World War 1. The only other active person on the list in the top 100 ERAs of all time; Trevor Hoffman, who has a 2.76 ERA and is 91st.

He is the best that ever was at his position. 34 saves in the postseason, more than twice as many as the next guy on the list. 0.77 ERA in over 117 innings pitched in the postseason. The best ever. And I think New York is spoiled—and don't realize how they are going to miss him when he is gone.

Good article in the regarding Mariano Rivera and George Steinbrenner almost traded him for the immortal Felix Fermin. Seems back in 1996, Steinbrenner didn't know if this kid Derek Jeter could hack it....just didn't trust him. So they wanted to trade some other young kid, named Mariano Rivera for Fermin. But thank the gods, Torre and some other folks talked Trader George, and his lackey, Clyde King, out of it. And for once, George relented. Thank the gods.

Man, do the Jets need some backups along the offensive line. Right now, the backup for LT, the most important position on the line, is Mike Kracalik. Last year, when he was with the Ravens, scouts described Kracalik as a practice squad type. The Ravens listened and cut him before the season. Ooooof.

Interesting that Julius Peppers signed his one-year tender after saying he wouldn't do it and never wanted to play for the Panthers again.

Interesting rumor going on out there, and that is that the Indians might be interested in trading Cliff Lee, but would have to be overwhelmed by a deal. And if I were the GM of the Phillies, I would overwhelm the Indians. Right now, even with the Mets completely floundering, the Phillies are only 2.5 games over their rivals (thank you Yankees!). Right now, the lowest ERA in the Phillies rotation is Cole Hamels with a 4.44 ERA. The other 4 ERAs are; 4.66, 5.06, 6.05, and a 6.75 by the awesomely named Antonio Bastardo. And while the Phils clean up against the Washington's of the world to have a 39-34 record, they are only 17-20 against teams above .500. Right now, Cliff Lee is a bone fide no. 1 starter. Except maybe if it means dealing uber-prospect, Kyle Drabek, the Phils should do what they have to go get him, except if it means dealing Kyle Drabek.

Tough article about ole William "The Refrigerator" Perry. You may have heard that The Fridge contracted a very rare disease that cause his own body to attack nerve cells. Perry, who weighed in the 330 range, was at one point down to 220. Story goes that Perry was doing well treating his illness for a while, but couldn't keep up with the cost of the treatments—which can run up to $350,000—so he just quit them. Give it a read.

Tough loss by the U.S. Soccer team, who lost to Brazil (no shame losing to those guys) 3-2 in the Confederation Cup finals. Again, no soccer fan, I, but I had to appreciate Landon Donovan's comments after the game. When asked about a moral victory and the USA soccer team getting respect from the world, Donovon had this to say: “What is respect? Respect doesn’t mean anything....nobody cares about respect. “It’s not good enough just to go for 45 minutes. It’s not good enough to lose 3-2 and say ‘Good try.’ We're at the point where we don't want respect, we want to win." Good speech Donovan. Not that I'll watch soccer, but still good speech.

And lastly, last week was the NBA draft, so you know what that means....wacky suits!!! But I gotta say, I was a little disappointed in this year's draft crop. Not in their talent, but...what the heck, no fire engine red pinstriped suits like Jalen Rose? No mustard yellow morning suits with a yellow bowler hat like Samaki Walker. Damn, well at the very least, James Hardin had a bow tie and funny outlined suit pockets. Well, that's something.


blmeanie said...

Back in late May (I think) I sent an email out to a few Yankee fans I have as friends at work (phew, tough to admit I have Yankee fans as friends). Anyway the email was a question : "last night Mariano Rivera moved up to 15th , passing a historic player, on the All-Time ERA list with more than 1000 IP in their career, who did he pass?"

Nobody got it.

It was Babe Ruth. That night Rivera gave up some runs and moved back below the Babe and I had some pleasure to rub it into my Yankee fan friends.

He has since moved down a couple more spots, see it here:

P-Cat said...

I noticed that today!!! I was on that very web page and I noticed that the Babe was ahead of him. Nice quiz question

Travis said...

Tough to hear about the Fridge, I didn't know he was in such bad shape.

Phaeton said...

I agree with Travis - hard to hear about the tough times for The Fridge.

Brandon Sneed said...

That's wild about Jeter and Rivera. They are among the only two Yankees I really like these days (with the third being Posada), and will likely be immortals in Yankee lore.

Crazy to think George didn't trust Jeter, that he nearly dealt Rivera away. How much worse would the Yankees be today without them?