Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five

1. What would you rather see: A pitcher throw a perfect game or
someone hit for the cycle?

2. Have you watched the Erin Andrews video? Be honest.

3. Do you like soccer? Be honest.

4. Who is the best pitcher in the game right now?

5. Are sick of Tim Tebow a little?


Ian Wedegartner said...

why does the pitcher throw a perfect game if he has to rely on his team-mates to catch the balls the other team manages to hit? For some reason 'perfect game' sounds more impressive than 'no-hitter'. but a 'no-hitter' seems like more of an accomplishment...

blmeanie said...

1 - perfect game, perfection implies (correctly) something far greater than even a cycle.

2 - yes, I truly hope she continues on without missing a beat and basically says "screw that" and doesn't dignify it by continuing to address it.

3 - nope, since having kids have always hoped they would never ask me to allow them to play it...

4 - Halladay, night in night out he is very capable to throw a 1 or 2 hitter for a complete game. Every time out.

5 - nope, living in Atlanta though the Georgia fans are. BTW - there is creedance to the statement that college football in the south is much more fanaticism than other parts of the country. College football fans down here are literally obsessed and crazy...

Eric said...

1. Perfect game. Ian...those are semantics I think. There iss something magical in retiring all 27 guys you face. Of course your fielders help, but the amount of mental grit required on the pitchers' part is hard to imagine. Cycles meanwhile seem more contrived.

2. No

3. I like the idea of soccer. And the sport is really growing on me.

4. I'll go with my UW roots and say Timmeh Lincecum.

5. Man, that ship sailed like 3 years ago.

Sports Tsar said...

1. Gotta be a perfect game. Much more rare, a once-in-a-lifetime experience

2. No, but I've seen screenshots

3. Yes I got fairly deep into soccer while studying abroad. Naturally. It's pretty fun waking up early on the weekends to start getting drunk at pubs at 8AM watching too

4. I'm a Dodger fan but I still gotta say Tim Lincecum

5. He actually disappeared for a while it seemed, so I'm still OK with him. Favre on the other hand...

ABS said...

1. Perfect Game

2. No

3. Yes, although enjoyed playing it more

4. Halliday

5. Not really, havent been paying attention

Brandon said...

1. Perfect game is more rare and more exciting.

2. No.

3. No.

4. Roy Halladay or even a surprising....Dan Haren

5. Nope

Travis said...

1. Perfect game
2. Yes, very overrated. Give me some old-fashioned porn
3. To play yes. To watch, rarely.
4. Halladay
5. Yes.