Sunday, July 12, 2009


The more I look at the Giants draft, the more I think their GM is the best GM in football today.

Did you catch Antonio Cromartie's excuse for not playing well last year. Was it because he was injured, or teams adjusted to his style of play? No, it was he was named in—wait for it—5 paternity cases. Oh, and that's not all. He's got 7 kids living in 5 different states. Dude, impressive start to your sports career. You've earned the honorary Shawn Kemp "Babydaddy of the Year."

Why the heck would the Kansas City Royals trade their best minor league pitching prospect (according to Baseball America) for freakin' Yuniesky Betancourt. The worst fielding shortstop in the majors last year (according to Bill James Fielding Bible), it's doubly bad because he can't even hit. Batting .250 his OBP is a sickly .278. And also, the Royals are stuck paying 8 million of his remaining contract which runs through 2011. Smoking the wacky weed apparently, The Kansas City Star love the trade. For me, though, he's a bust.

With all the focus on Halladay, let's not forget Matt Holliday. The Boston Globe has said that with Holliday starting to hit better (though not necessarily for power), and the A's 12 or so games out and falling, it might be time for Oakland to ship him for prospects. God knows the Mets could use him.

Seriously, I hope Fausto Carmona comes back to they way he pitched in 2007—and its entirely possible he might—but getting rocked by a AAA club and giving up 2 doubles and a homer. Silver lining, he only gave up 2 walks which is way down from his previous starts the past two seasons.

Have to say, watching Jeter this weekend, the man is a marvel. At 35, he is still batting over .310 and is on his way to 30 stolen bases. Oh, and he's on pace to hit more than 20 HRs and could challenge his personal record of 219 hits. Amazing.

And last, but not least, this one goes out to Sweet Lou out in Chicago.....with the performance your team is putting on this might be time to hang 'em up. No offence, but if the Cubs,—with that talent, that rotation and those sluggers—flame out and miss the playoffs, I think it would be time to retire to that big chair in your living room and watch the games on TV.

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