Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Ridiculous Dream

It being an off day for the Yankees and the Yankees on a mini-losing streak, the local papers have decided to try to give credence to the biggest fantasy of all Yankee fans: that is, Doc Halladay to the Yankees.

Kevin Keenan of the New York Post said it’s the right move for the Yankees to go and get Roy Halladay. Oh really? Well, then the Yankees should snap their fingers and make that happen. Never mind that to get Halladay to agree to a trade they would have to sign him to a budget-busting contract that would take him well into his late 30s—well after he starts to decline. Check out the article in SI written by Joe Posnanski and Bill James about the phenomenon of ballplayers turning 33 and the precipitous drop in their skills. Guess how old Holliday is? 32.

And never mind that the Yankees would have to give up a bunch of top prospects for an aging player. Think Austin Jackson, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Mark Melancon or Jesus Montero. And would have to take He Who Was Once Vernon Wells, who's signed through 2014 and owed nearly a 110 million in a huge back-loaded deal. Which would give the Yankees 5 of the 9 biggest contracts in baseball, with 3 of those recipients 30 or older. And that doesn't include the gargantuan deal they Yankees would have to bestow Halladay.

Anthony Rieber of Newsday feels that if the Yankees offer to take Vernon Wells with Halladay, that should be enough. Maybe through in Gardner, Melky and/or a few low-level prospects, and then Toronto would jump. What? Are you kidding me? The Yankees would have to take both, and then throw in Hughes, Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero and then Toronto might flinch.

"No young talent should be off limits," continues Kernan. Never mind that for years, sportswriters eviscerated the Yankees doing just that, trading young talent for expensive aging stars. Doug Drabek for Rich Rhoden. Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps. Bob Tewksbury for Steve Trout. Fred McGriff for Dale Murray. Willie McGee for Bob Sykes. Al Leiter for Jesse Barfield. The list goes on.

All of this ignores the number 1 reason why the Blue Jays wouldn't trade Halladay to the Yankees. Because they would have to face him. And their fan base—what's left of it; 26th of out 30 in MLB—would desert them. Forever. Could you imagine if the Yankees went on to win the World Series this year with Halladay? Or the Red Sox? It would be the Blue Jays worst nightmare ever.

No, the Blue Jays—if they have any brains left—will trade Halladay to the Dodgers or Phillies. Or maybe the Rockies, where Halladay is from....anywhere outside the American League, and nowhere near the American League East. The Phillies were ranked 12th in Baseball America's organizational farms system rankings. Surely they would give up a few blue-chippers for Halladay. Especially with the way Hamels has pitched of late.

OK, maybe this article is a little overstated. Of course, it would be super-fantastic if the Yankees got Halladay. My point is, the way the tabloids write it up—it's not only inevitable, but impossible for it not to happen. And it's more likely than it's not, that the deal won't happen. The Blue Jays would want a mint plus the Statue of Liberty from the Yankees to keep him in the division. And Halladay would want a huge paycheck (think Sabathia-esque) well into his declining skill days.

So sure, Yankee fans. Dream of a playoff rotation of Sabathia, Halladay and Burnett. Just understand, it is most likely a dream. A wonderful, ridiculous dream.


blmeanie said...

While the rotation would be nuts if the Yankees got Halloday, as a Sox fan, I would welcome that move.

Why? So the Yankees could return/continue their win now ways and let the prospects be moved from their system.

Halloday is no Carl Pavano, but going for 3 or 4 more years for big money on this guy would be risky. Only a few teams can really afford to go there.

P-Cat said...

See that's the point, Blmeanie. If the Yanks wanna win this year, future & cost be damned, then yes, go get Halladay. But in the long run, it will be a serious blow to the organization.

Btw, was thinking of calling this article, Blue Jay Way but figured no one would get the reference except you.

blmeanie said...

Some would but I appreciate the thought. If you ever do an article on Plaxico Burress, you could use "Happiness is a warm gun"

Pete S said...

They do not need him that badly, and it's not even the money. The talent that they might have to move would be much more detrimental. Besides, they have a very good 1 and 2. They need a very good 3 for the play-offs.

Brandon said...

Hey P-Cat love the blog.....can you look back and analyze the Hamilton for Volquez trade in a post? thanks

P-Cat said...

Sure, Brandon. Sounds like a good idea.

Brandon said...

Thanks! I kept commenting and it wouldn't go through and I thought you like banned me from the site but I wasn't doing the word verification! haha i can be dumb sometimes with the internet