Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Five

1. What's the most ridiculous contract in sports?

2. Who's the most underrated player in baseball right now?

3. In football?

4. Who's more obnoxious on the mound, Joba or Papelbon?

5. Do you hate ESPN's Fan Fest diner series as much as I do? And I hate them a lot.


Travis said...

1. I still think it is A-Rod's

2. Josh Willingham

3. T.J. Houshmandzadeh - Chad Johnson got all of the press, but T.J. got the stats. Although his TDs were way down last year, but the Bengal offense was down last year.

4. Joba

5. I watch so little ESPN now I've never even seen it.

blmeanie said...

1 - for overall value? Wells for Toronto

2 - oddly I believe it is Kevin Youkilis, the guy plays 3B, moves to 1B, plays some more 3B, plays some LF, does whatever the team wants, relatively low contract, high performance

3 -

4 - Joba

5 - saw it once, enough

Pete S said...

1- Any contract Michael Vick gets
2- Matt Kemp - he's still a baby, but he's a stud
3- Thomas Jones - What a great year he had last year and has been solid for a long time
4- Papsmear - the stare is silly - it's the 95 MPH heat that's scary
5- Fan Fest Diner is a waste

Brandon said...

1. Barry Zito, no doubt....maybe A-Rod or even Kei Igawa or Daisuke Matsusaka considering they aren't pitching in the MLB and are healthy.

2. Tie between John Lannan, Kevin Youkillis, Robinson Cano, and Chris Carpenter. Carpenter is as of now the best pitcher in the MLB in my opinion.

3. Matt Ryan might be, as he gets not as much hype as he deserves, maybe Anthony Fasano or Kyle Orton. The fact that Orton wasn't just handed the job is insane.

4. Here me out on this not just a dumb yankees fan. I think Papelbon is more obnoxious because he does his little dance or routine or whatever it is even if he gives up a run or bases loaded. I often see the sox up 1 2 out bases loaded because of him but he gets the out. He shouldn't celebrate a shaky performance. Do you see Joba pumping his fist after giving up 2 runs or a run in an inning?

5. I don't like it or dislike it. I nothing it.