Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Five

OK, pop quiz hot shots: Here we go.

1. What's the coolest name in sports ever?

2. The best rivalry in sports?

3. The best blooper you ever saw?

4. Name the one athlete/celebrity you'd eliminate from existence if you could.

5. Who's the better tennis player, Serena or Venus. Who's hotter?


P-Cat said...

OK, I'll answer my own questions.

1. Rusty Kuntz.

2. Yankees-Red Sox. Easy.

3. So many to choose from. I'll pick the comeback grounder that El Duque caught, bu then couldn't get out of his glove. So he threw the entire glove to first base.

4. Two words: Gary Sheffield.

5. Serena. And neither, but of gun to my head, I'd take Serena.

blmeanie said...

1- Dick Pole
2- Sox/Yankees
3- the Piazza, Clemens broken bat clip
4- n/a
5- Serena for both I guess