Monday, August 17, 2009


So, Tiger Woods lost this weekend. Hmmm, I guess I'll file that under "O" for "Oh My God, Who Frickin' Cares. It's Only Golf, Not A Real Sport."

Really interesting thought from the guys over at PFT. Last week, they posited the thought that Andy Reid, coach of the Eagles was perhaps more inclined to give Michael Vick a second chance due to the fact that both his sons have had legal problems stemming from drugs. Interesting theory, and one that Reid eventually corroborated. And while I don't think much of Vick as a quarterback, I do believe he deserves a second chance. So best of luck to you, Mike. Pay back Andy's faith in you.

Remember when Notre Dame took pride in its rough schedules? Well, what the heck happened? Nevada? Washington and Washington State? The only truly tough game is USC at home. I mean, my gosh, 8 games against teams ranked lower than 50th in the country? What happened to the Irish playing meaningful games?

The more I see J.A. Happ, the more I think the Phillies did the wise move in refusing to include him in their Halladay offer.

Peyton Manning played a total of six plays in the Colt's first preseason game. In those 6 plays, he was sacked 3 times. you think maybe Peyton brought that up in the next team meeting?

Oh my God, are the new UFL uniforms ugly.

That whole Tavaris Jackson thing doesn't seem to be working out, Mr. Childress.

I know it's only in shorts and real football is miles away, but I'm liking more and more about what i hear about free agent pickup, Jamaal Westerman. He's knocking people around and making plays all over the field.

Nice to see that the Yankees signed their draft picks this year. Only cost them about 5 times what the slot recommended they should pay, but at least they are signed.

How big would Ricky Rubio be if he came to New York. Joe Willie big. He could own this town for a while. And if the hype is true, and he plays well and brings the Knicks back to relevance, he would own this city like Derek Jeter owns it.

And finally....well I usually hate the human interest touchy-feely sports stories that ESPN runs when its a slow news day, but this one is actually pretty cool. A bunch of kids who are deathly allergic to the sun—no joke, 1 minute in the sun would kill them—got to go to Yankee Stadium at 3:00 AM in the morning and play some baseball with the Yankees. And not just end of the roster players—Derek Jeter, A.J. Burnett, Alfredo Aceves and a bunch other showed up to hang out with the kids. Go read the article, it's actually a good piece that didn't get any news play, and should have.


Travis said...

I don't think you can totally blame Notre Dame for their schedule, as the schedules are usually made a few years in advance, so they couldn't have known exactly who would be good and who would be bad. I am curious about the Washington State game being played in San Antonio.

Agreed those new uniforms are ghastly.

P-Cat said...

True. But Nevada and Washington State aren't exactly Alabama and Virginia Tech. I have lots of ND friends who wont shut up about how, being independent, ND doesn't have cupcake games against the perennial weak opponents in their conference.