Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Doesn't it sound sometimes like new Jets coach Rex Ryan belongs on a creaking stool in a dank old man bar, spouting off his nuttiness to anyone who'll listen?

Collegefootballnews.com poses the question: Which team is closer to reliving their glory days: Miami or Florida State. Good question. With the amount of talent they amass in those two schools you'd think that they would amass more than just one ACC crown collectively in the past 5 years. Really, those programs had better produce this season—and I get the feeling they will both be better—or the true glory days of these programs might just be in the past.

Ken Rosenthal writes on FoxSports.com that if Omar Minaya gets a blanket pat on the back from Mets management and will keep his job, he should at the very least explain his plan for fixing the team. The Mets are 2nd in the league in salary and while yes, incurred a massive amount of injuries, still underperformed. As Rosenthal writes it: "... this club was not exactly a portrait of grit and determination even before most of its core players got hurt."
Ultimately, this is Minaya's team. He brought these guys him. And he's the one that needs to fix it. he should start by telling us his plan.

One more note on that. Word out of Chicago is that the Cubs are thinking of giving Rich Harden a 4-year 60 million dollar deal. Yes, Harden is good and yes, there's not much out there in the free agent pitching market. But guys, you know Harden will spend a lot of the next 4 years on the DL. The most innings he's ever pitched in a season was 189.2 and that was in 2004. Last year he pitched 148 innings and he's on pace to match that. If 15 million a year for 150 innings is ok with the Cubs, then great. Go for it. But just know what you're getting guys. He's never gonna be a hoss that takes the ball every five days for you. Never.

Not that Kyle Orton played like Joe Montana in Denver's last preseason game, but you have to believe that by just playing halfway decent, Josh McDaniel is breathing a little easier. If Orton had laid an egg two weeks in a row, Bronco fans would have had him personally apologize to Jay Cutler and beg forgiveness.

Vernon Gholston had 1 tackle last night, bringing his preseason total to 3 tackles. No sacks, no forced fumbles, no interceptions. Think the Jets are wishing they had last year's draft pick back?

OK, I meant to get to this earlier, but I forgot. In the August 3 issue of SI they asked 380 MLB players "Which Young Player Will End Up In The Hall Of Fame?" And Albert Pujols only got 9 percent of the vote while Evan Longoria got 35%. What the hell? How does Albert Pujols only get 9% of the vote. he should be voted in as of this minute. Nothing against ongoria, but no one is in Albert's league. No one.

And finally, last Friday, in the World's Most Dangerous Newspaper, the New York Post, came the story that Shaquille O'Neal's new TV show, Shaq VS. doesn't belong to him. That in fact, he stole the idea from Steve Nash. The story goes, that in 2008, When Shaq first came to the Phoenix Suns, Nash told him he was thinking of doing a reality show where he would compete against professional athletes in their own sports. Apparently, Nash had no idea that his idea had been pilfered until Shaq announced that he was starring in his own reality show on the team bus.
Nash had to hire an entertainment lawyer, and now appears in the credits for Shaq's show as an "Executive Producer."
Wow, Shaq. What a chump move. Did you really need the money from this show so bad, you had to steal it from Nash? Just a no-class move by guy I'd come to expect better of.

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blmeanie said...

I think the MLB which young player question got skewed in that many players probably didn't equate Pujols with being a "young player" anymore. He is in his 9th season, right? Wiley veteran he is...