Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Five

OK, let's do the 5-spot quiz for today.

1. Who was the best closer of all time?

2. Your favorite piece of sports clothing that you own/owned?

3. You favorite athlete turned politician?

4. The best seats you ever got at a sporting event. How'd you get them?

5. The best choke of all time in all sports?


blmeanie said...

1- Rivera
2- remember the plastic/fullsize helmets you used to be able to buy at souvenir shops? I had two RedSox (red from the mid 70's) and using stencils I painted number 19 on the back of one (Lynn) and 8 on the other (Yaz). We played a lot of wiffle ball as kids, these were part of the whole gig.

3- so few good ones to choose from, waiting for Barkley of course but currently probably Bill Bradley.

4- I've been in most every section in Fenway over the years, been real close to the field a few times but the best/favorite seats I've had have been straight away centerfield 2nd row for the entire 1991 playoffs/world series in Atlanta's Fulton County Stadium. Dead on behind the pitcher, could see everything great except right below us. Bought them the day the went on sale in early September (before people really believed they would make the playoffs, not much of a line). Dropped more money than I had at the time to get the whole strip of tickets. Back then there were back to back to back nights with home games in both series and the Frenzy that was the Braves fans that year was the most exciting sporting event(s) I've ever been too. Could not talk after that at all.

5- Buckner/Stanley/Gedman - curse should have been over in '86. 'nuff said.

Travis said...

1. As much as I hate to admit it: Rivera.

2. Man, I've had so many hats that I have loved. The replica 1908 Cubs, The white Texas Rangers, Notre Dame, etc., etc.

3. Well I have a general dislike of politicians....probably Jack Kemp though.

4. Seats on about row 20 at a March Madness game. How we got them? Uh, seriously, a friend of mine hit on this girl between the games, and she invited us to sit with her, and she had the kick ass seats.

5. the Bills-Oilers playoff game in '93