Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Five

OK, here are the 5 questions for this week.

1. Do you think having an outdoor baseball stadium in Minneapolis—where games will be played in very early April and possible late October, is a bad idea?

2. Worst uniform in college football. Which is it?

3. Does female grunting in tennis bother you? Turn you on?

4. Which playoff bound team has the best starting rotation? Bullpen?

5. Which sport do you hate the most?


P-Cat said...

My answers:

1. Yes. Baseball shouldn't be played when players need scarves.

2. Anything the Oregon Ducks wear.

3. I think its kinda cool.

4. Boston or Philadelphia. Yankees.

5. Soccer. hands down. With any car racing coming in second.

Travis said...

1. No, we need to toughen them players up. :D
2. Yeah, Oregon. Easy call.
3. It annoys the hell out of me. I blame Monica Seles.
4. Boston. Yankees
5. Most women's sports.

Eric said...

1. It's a terrible idea. But kind of hilarious.

2. As a Husky that's an easy third. Oregon.

3. Varies depending on who the grunting is coming from, of course. Sometimes it's incongruous.

4. Rotation: Cards Bullpen: Dodgers.

5. Soccer, but I actually kinda like it, it's just the people who make me feel like an asshole for not loving it.

blmeanie said...

1 - retractable would be best of all worlds, like Milwaukee did

2- no clue

3- bothers me cause now the men are doing it too

4- when the Braves catch the Rockies it will be the Braves for starters, bullpen is Boston

5- soccer, not sure why people like it, boring