Tuesday, September 22, 2009


These pictures break my heart. Constructions crews recently started to dismantle the old Stadium, and they have gotten to the point where they had to take down the white fence on the top of the Stadium wall. if you're not a Yankee fan, you wont get it, but its as if they tore down the Green monster or Lambeau Field. it just feels wrong.

Is it OK to officially call Reggie Bush a huge, aircraft carrier-sized Bust.

Word to the wise: Matt Ryan; Joe Flacco. They are for real.

Watched some of the Buffalo-Tampa Bay game yesterday—before it got so awful i had to turn it off—and Man! the Tampa Bay Bucs look awful. They made the Buffalo Bills look like the mid-80s 49ers. They got 13 penalties, gave up 218 yards to Buffalo's ground game (Buffalo got 90 yards on the ground the week before) and 438 yards overall to Buffalo. Geez. Jeff Jagozinski should send a thank you card to Tampa's Front Office thanking them for firing him.

So, the Tennessee Titans are 0-2. And while they have replaced Albert Haynesworth at least in run defense—both the Steelers and Texans didn't get squat from their run game, both quarterbacks had awesome days in the air. Big Ben and Matt Schaub had about 360 yards passing each. And there ain't no way you're gonna win much making opposing quarterbacks feel comfortable enough to throw for 360 yards.

Milton Bradley....what the heck is wrong with you?

Did Tom Brady look comfortable in the pocket once yesterday? He had a mega-case of the "happy feet" all day in the pocket; throwing off his back foot, on the run. Maybe he gets more comfortable as the year goes on. Or maybe the Jets got to him.

The only thing that didn't go right for the Jets yesterday was Vernon Gholston. Playing sparingly, he threw up a )-fer yesterday. No tackles. No pressure, no nothing.

Jack Del Rio: Time to get your resume ready.

Buzz is that Jason Bay will be getting an offer this off-season from the Toronto Blue Jays. One question: why would Bay want to go there. Boston will annually be in a playoff hunt, and Bay will have a great team around him. Toronto is cost-cutting so much, they just gave Alex Rios away, and couldn't find anyone to take Roy Halladay for their offer. Why would Bay want to go to such a franchise?

Mitch Mustain, at one time, one of the most decorated high school passers in history, is not only ranked 3rd on the USC QB depth chart, Pete Carroll now says that if he sees the field, it will be, wait for it, as a punter. Wow. The other quarterbacks who joined the college ranks that year? Matt Stafford, Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. Seriously, Mustain....what the heck happened?

Losing 3 of last 4, 6 out of the last 10. Yeah, that'll about do it for the SF Giants.

OK, the AAPTBNL Man of the week...well, they are actually Men this week. The award goes to Rex Ryan and Mike Singletary. For changing the entire culture, attitude and belief in their respective franchises. The Jets hadn't won at home against the Patriots since before Tom Brady was throwing passes. And the 49ers—mired in mediocrity for year—have gone 8-2 in the last 10 games since Mike Singletary took over. Way to incorporate winning attitudes into your players! Congrats guys!!

And finally, something I forgot to post. Just would like to give big props to the Boston College band. Huh? Yes, really.

Linebacker Mark Herzlich was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year. And as a tribute, the band will play with their faces painted a la Mark—like crazed vikings—for the rest of the year. A great and classy move. I'm sure, somewhere, mark is very touched.

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