Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey! No one told me it was nasty uniform Day!

You gotta like Nick Swisher's reaction in the Yankee clubhouse yesterday. Seems likes he really loves being a Yankee.

So did you hear? Michael Vick played yesterday!!!

On Football America Tonite (or whatever that NBC wrap-up show is called), Rodney Harrison said the way the Eagles were using Michael Vick in the Wildcat was foolish. Harrison said emphatically that Vick is a dropback QB, and the Eagles were wasting his talents. Boomer Esiason on the CBS pre-game show said Vick could start right now for at least 5 teams. Right now? Huh?
As I've said previously, the last year Michael Vick started, he threw for a 52% completion rating. Fifty. Freakin'. Two. And that was after 5 years of starting—not after 2 years of prison. And believe after being away from the game since 2006, Vick hasn't gotten better. Just older.
And if Rodney Harrison is right and Vick has lost his explosiveness and isn't the runner he once was, what the heck makes anyone think he should be starting? He was never a great and accurate thrower; Vick was always a danger to take off and run all over the place. And if he lost that, why pretend he was great in the pocket?
Especially on Philadelphia where you have McNabb, Kolb—who is the first QB in the history of the game to start his career with 2 consecutive 300 yard games, and Jeff Garcia.
Look, maybe Vick could start in someplace like St. Louis, because.....well, why the heck not? But it's hard for me to see Vick being the long-term dropback option for any football team. He's about to turn 30, his lifetime completion%+ rating is 80 (200 below average), and has lost a step. I wish Vick well, I really do—but all this talk about him being able to start right now and be one of the best QBs in the league. Please.

Dude. The Browns just aren't losing. They are playing awful. Mangini's play tough and smart concept is just not taking over in Cleveland. They look awful. And by "awful" I mean, they look like dog poo.

Somewhat related, supposedly agents are trying to steer their players away from the Browns. Apparently agents don't like the fact that the Browns played hardball with a couple of their clients, and also forced rookies to take a long bus ride to work a charity camp during the off-season. Really? This is the problem. So what happens if the Browns offer a free agent 20 million more than another team. Will the agent really steer his client away? Don't think so.

For once it seems like the schedule-makers gods smiled down on the Yankees. usually the Yankee have one of the tougher schedules in the league—a night games before a cross-country flight (because Yankees get higher TV ratings at night) Or like in 2004 when they opened the season in Japan, then had to fly like 45,000 to Tampa for a series against the Rays. However, next year, the Yankees have only no west coast trips after the all-star break next year, And only 2 overall. As opposed to this season where the Yankees have 3 West Coast trips, two in the last 48 games of the season. Or unlike the 4 they had in 2007.

The Steelers made a huge mistake not improving their offensive line this off-season. Coach Mike Tomlin/Foreman from House kept saying how improved they were in camp. Hmmmm, no. No only are they 1-2, they can' run the ball. Willie Parker is averging 3.1 yards a carry, and except for one long run by Rashard Mendenhall, the Steelers have done diddly + squat on the ground turning them into a one-dimensional team. And when you're one-dimensional, you lose to teams like the Cincinnati Bengals. Don't believe me. here are the last few plays the Steelers ran when they were trying to play out the clock against the Bengals. Willie Parker for 3. Willie Parker for 1. Sack. Punt. Bengals drive. Bengals win. They should have paid Alan Faneca what he wanted.

And that brings us to the AAPTBNL Man of the Week. Carson Palmer. No, he didn't have the best stats. All he did was drive the Bengals twice in the 4th quarter to beat the Steelers, something haven't done since before the Brooklyn Bridge was built. And the last drive included 2 tough 4th down completions. Well done Carson, you've earned it.

Oh, one other question about the NFL NBC wrap-up show. Why do they make Peter King stand when he gives his "insider information." He doesn't use a screen or telestrator, so he doesn't need to stand. Why wont they let him sit with the big kids?

By the way, just saw this shot again, and wow ... it's not just that Federer hit it, but he hit it amazingly accurately and hard. I couldn't hit that shot that well facing the court, much less the way Federer did it.


Travis said...

Other news of note to me, is that it looks like Chad Pennignton is out for the year again! Man, that dude is snake bit, and it is on his throwing shoulder.
Vick sucks. Always has always will. His greatest moment was beating Green Bay at Green Bay in the playoffs and that seems like 10 years ago.

blmeanie said...

different take here on Vick- yeah he could be a starter somewhere (Browns/Tampa/St.Louis/Carolina/Miami (now)) BUT he and his agent went with Philly. He should not be starting there obviously but they guy still is better than some of the QB's out there, sorry. He never was accurate as a passer, noted. He does have a very live arm and never received or took to coaching (see his past and his attitude).

If he really is contrite and really is intent on making some serious cash to bail himself out of his financial troubles, if and only if, he would start to listen and accept coaching.

He had terrible receivers that dropped a ton of passes here in Atlanta too. No excuses, fact.

Love that clip of Federererererer.