Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Edwards to New York

Well, it happened about 6 months later than everyone said it would, but the Jets finally got Braylon Edwards from the Browns. And again, the Jets make a trade with Cleveland where they give up practically nothing to get the man they want—a couple of lower picks, a backup LB and Chansi Stuckey, who's had all of 11 receptions this year.

The Jets have yet to extend his contract which is not a good thing—considering that LeBron may be in New York come next year.

The real concern with Edwards is how serious he takes the game. He has the talent—he was picked 4th in the draft—but he has problems with his concentration (how many drops has he had?). If the Jets can get him to be more focused, he might be a steal. Let's hope Rex can get the best out of him.

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