Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Five

OK, here are this week's five questions.

1. What was the best hit you ever saw in the NFL?

2. Who is your favorite announcer of all time? Football, basbeall and any other.

3. Who is the worst announcer? You can pick more than one, just explain why.

4. Do you want a National College Football playoff. If so, how many teams make it in and how does it work?

5. Worst item you ever got on a free item day at a baseball game?


P-Cat said...

OK, I'll start.

1. Probably a few years back; Reggie Bush by Shledon Brown. Here's the clip.

2. In baseball, for sentimental reasons: Phil Rizzuto. He was awful, but I loved him.
In football, I actually like Phil Simms. Explains things well, but doesn't get in the way of the game.

3. Bill Walton, Tim McCarver, and sorry, I hated John Madden.

4. Yes. 16 teams. Round robin. Played at the home court of the higher ranked team.

5. Once got a Chiquita Banana Yankee watch. Yellow band, plastic with bananas for the minute and hour hands. Broke before the 7th inning.

blmeanie said...

1 - How about the Dion Sanders hit on ...oh, wait, he never hit anybody. I honestly cannot think of a hit that stands out more than all the rest.

2 - Gary Thorn on hockey. Cannot beat this pick, he was born to do it. When he does baseball it is good too but all I think about when I hear him is hockey.

3 - Skip Carey in Atlanta (RIP). When I moved to Atl in 1990 I started watching Braves games. Skip would carry on conversations that had nothing to do with nothing and he had an annoying voice too. I figured it was just that I was unfamiliar with the team and history and it would be ok once I was here a while...wrong, his style and delivery never seemed good to me and he takes the cake for me.

4 - yes, top 8, if you want to have 2 more do a play in for the 7th and 8th spots that would be fine too. Straight seeding, 8 down to 4 and 4 down to 2 let top seeded team have home field advantage. Championship game in neutral site.

I know that would never fly so as a concession I would say all the games use current bowl game sites with rotation for the semi finals and final games.

5 - there is nothing that is free that is bad

ABS said...

1. tie between Jim Burt and Leonard Marshall sacks of Joe Montana (hee hee hee)

2. Frank Messer, partly for sentimental reasons. Jim Kaat a close second. The little I heard of Ernie Harwell I can see why he was beloved

3. Gotta go with Skip Caray here, followed by Dick Lynch.

4. Nah fine the way it is.

5. Going to a ____ day and being told you are too old to get whatever crap they are giving out

Travis said...

1. Christian Okoye and Steve Atwater. It was liked it stunned both of them.

2. Pat Summerall. Dick Stockton doing NBA years ago.

3. Bill Walton, Tony Siragusa, Dick Stockton doing the NFL now, Tim McCarver, Joe Morgan

4. Yes. 8 teams, single elimination brackets.

5. I only got on free item at a baseball game, and it was great.