Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday Five

OK, time for the 5 quiz questions.

1. Who's the best young pitcher in the game? Splain why.

2. Which baseball team has the best cap logo?

3. Which retired athlete went to pot the worst. Pictures if you have them.

4. You have one coach to give a inspiring speech to pump his team up. Who's the guy?

5. Of all the guys who were supposed to be the "Next Michael Jordan", who was your favorite & why?


P-Cat said...

OK, I'll go first.

1. A lot of good young pitchers. But right now I'd give a slight edge to Felix Hernandez over Kershaw.

2. I wont wuss out and say the Yankees (even though their logo was designed by Tiffany). I like the Tigers and the Brewers with the little wheat under the M.

3. Gotta give it to the Round Mound of Sitting Down, Charles Barkley. Take a look:

4. Tough one. Probably Mike Ditka.

5. Easy one. Harold Miner. Came out of USC early as "Baby Jordan." Won Collegiate Player of the Year over Shaq and Mourning. Won two Slam Dunk Competitions. And that's about it.

blmeanie said...

1- depending on definition of young, I'd go with Lester but if he is too old then I'd go with Jurrjens.

2- Orioles

3- you've hit the nail on the head

4- Bill Russell, would have loved to see/hear what he did and said in '68-'69 when he was in last year of that amazing run.

5- really before "next MJ" became the language, but I would go with Len Bias. He was described as the next MJ/Worthy combination. Favorite isn't quite the emotion I would choose but just because of the early comparison to MJ I will say Bias.

P-Cat said...

Great choice with Jurrjens. he gets no attention, but is dominant.

And I would have had the orioles cap next in line.