Sunday, October 11, 2009


Let me just say—without any overstating or hyperbole—Jamarcus Russell is the biggest bust in NFL Draft history. Including Tony Mandarich and Ryan Leaf.

Seriously, why would any free agent go to Oakland, if you had any choice. You know they are dysfunctional and mismanaged. You know you're going to lose, and lose badly. Shoot, I'd rather play in one of those nasty uniforms the UFL has.

Ken Rosenthal wrote a good piece on Foxsports about the Twins using the bad call by the umpire as an excuse for losing Friday night.

You can't assume that if Joe Mauer was standing on second base, Jason Kubel would have produced the same single to right field and driven him in with the go-ahead run....It wasn't Cuzzi's fault that the Twins failed to score after they loaded the bases with none out.

Exactly right. You can't assume that Kubel would have scored Mauer...especially when the inning before, the Twins blew a bases-loaded nobody-out situation.

How does Wes Welker consistently get open on third down? Wouldn't the opposing coach say something like this: "OK, it's 3 and 7. You, cornerback, Glue yourself to that guy." I mean, you know Brady will look for him. How does the defense not keep a guy or two on him?

OK, announcer guy for the Bengals. We know the Bengals have a penchant this year for late game heroics. But stop calling them the 'Cardiac Cats." Just stop it.

And another thing. Enough with the throwback uniforms. We get it. They were campy. They were ugly. LOL. OK? Enough.

Yeah. Building a outdoor baseball stadium in Minneapolis is a great idea. Yesterday's Yankee game would have been played in the 30s with a chance of snow.Guys, seriously. you do know you're building an outdoor stadium. In Minneapolis. That's like building a submarine with screen doors.

I know Carson Palmer has clutch and has been leading his team to late comebacks and heroics and all that. But he still doesn't look sharp. I don't remember him missing his receivers as much before his injury as he has this year.

Same with Tom Brady.

Wasn't Jevan Snead supposed to be a Heisman candidate entering this season? Dude...the guy hasn't even completed 50% of his passes. And that includes games against Memphis, Vanderbilt and SE Louisiana.

This is embarrassing.

Wait. So is an Olympic sport. And baseball isn't. Yeah, this world makes sense.

And for AAPTBNL Man of the Week. Gotta go with Kyle Orton. Not only did he throw for 330 yards and two touchdowns, all on 35 for 48 passing, he did it against Bill Belichek. And you know that Belichek wanted to teach his young pup a lesson. I have to apologize to Josh McDaniels for not believing in his trade for Kyle Orton. you were right. Orton is perfect for that offense.

And finally, some guys found footage of the Babe playing. And, if you're like me, it's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

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blmeanie said...

Russell should be on America's Most Wanted for the thievery he's accomplished.

It would have been better if Rosenthal blasted MLB for incompetence. That is the story IMO.

Maybe Welker is the kid growing up that never could be grabbed. Remember Tom Hanks on the handball court in Big? That is what I am talking about.

I totally agree on the throwback uniforms, should be one week a year, all teams and then done.

Minnesota spring and fall baseball? How about the fans don't buy those tickets, many years the September games won't be meaningful anyway, maybe they could retroactively put a retractable roof on it?

Great closing paragraph and video clip, what a wonderful find and I want to know how to get a job in the archives.