Monday, October 26, 2009


Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: The Saints are for real.

Losing Leon Washington and Kris Jenkins....only the two most important people on the Jets. Why does God hate the Jets?

Should Iowa be higher than Texas? Nothing against Texas, but 5 out of the 6 BCS computers have Iowa at number 1. And with good wins at Wisconsin and 12th ranked Penn State, plus home wins against Michigan and 20th ranked Arizona. As of this writing, none of the teams Texas has beaten is ranked. So, why are they ranked ahead of Iowa?

I'm totally stoked that Alicia keys will be performing at the World Series. And by totally stoked, I mean, who cares?

So, Michael Crabtree had 5 catches in his rookie debut. Darrius Heyward-Bey, whom the Raiders, ignoring all common sense, picked over Crabtree, has 4 in 7 games. Nice pick, Al.

Gotta tell ya. So far, Tim Tebow is looking more and more like a 3rd round pick. Or lower.

I'm sorry. I love CollegefootballNews, but there is no way that Notre Dame should be ranked 17th. I might squeeze them into the top 25, but their secondary is awful. Against a overmatched Boston College team with a quarterback who was playing minor league baseball six months ago (no joke. He is 25 and hasn't played football since high school), Notre Dame squeezed the win out. Heck I'd have put Pitt, West Virginia and Boise State at least ahead of the Irish right now.

Brett Farve really tried to stop the Steelers on both those runbacks, huh. Really gave it his all.

Gotta tip my hat to Carson Palmer. Couple weeks ago, I wrote that he didn't look like the palmer of old. He was missing open receivers and generally didn't look at ease back there. Well that's over. 20 for 24 with 5—that's right, I said, 5—TD passes. Good enough for AAPTBNL Man of the Week.

Oh, is Brett Farve returning to Lambeau Field this weekend? Really? Hadn't heard.

So, Rolling Stone magazine now is taking shots at Eric Mangini. The latest issue has them comparing him to Augustus Gloop, the fictional overeater in Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and calling his short coaching tenure in Cleveland "a sort of Hurricane Andrew of football mismanagement." Umm, Rolling Stone; when exactly was the last time you were relevant? 1972?


ABS said...

Matt Taibbi was the writer of that piece, and he is occasionally hysterical. He has done some fairly solid political reporting, but particularly good was his scathing article on Goldman Sachs, which he compared to a "Vampire Squid"

auirish said...

Notes dame. Controlled by NBC
Tim will be an excellant qb for the right coach

Travis said...

You won't hear me defend the Big 12 this year. They suck, a three loss team has a good chance of winning the north. Of course most conferences are unimpressive this year. I wouldn't rush to tout Iowa they are on the cusp of losing just about every game. Including the game against Northern Iowa.

I don't think the Irish should be ranked either, and I am a fan.