Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Five

1. Should baseball expand its replay usage. How so? Explain.

2. Who do you think will make it to the BCS Bowl game?

3. If you were the Pittsburgh Steelers, would you take a chance on Larry Johnson?

4. Will baseball ever have a woman player?

5. What was the greatest sports video game of all time? Explain.

1 comment:

blmeanie said...

1) yes, all things except balls and strikes. Give Managers challenge flags like football, only so many per game, make them really think when to use them.

2) the final game? should be Florida/Alabama but because they will meet int he SEC championship they will not play in the big one.

Florida vs. Texas

3) no

4) no

5) Jack Nicklaus Golf, not sure the version but while it pre-dated Tiger's EA game it was every bit as good. PLUS it was the first game to include a very good course builder. You could build your own course using a very good and easy gui interface. This was back in the '90's so it definitely pre-dates tools out today. I used to play online tournaments on custom designed courses created by players of the game.