Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Five

Sorry for the lack of posts lately/ Will try to catch up soon. Now to the questions.

1. What's the worst sports injury you've ever seen?

2. What's the dumbest sports injury you've seen?

3. Who do you think is the number 1 college football team in the country right now. Explain.

4. Do you think baseball needs a salary cap?

5. Will the Detroit Lions ever be respectible? If so, when and how?

1 comment:

P-Cat said...

I'll start:

1. Still an old favorite. Joe Theisman. Awful injury.

2. Gus Frerotte banging his head into a wall in celebration.

3. Alabama. They will upset Florida.

4. Absolutely not.

5. Maybe soon. Probably not, though.