Monday, November 16, 2009


Just a question. After watching the Giants last week, and the Jets yesterday ... can anybody in the city of New York actually tackle an opposing player?

Seems like the magic fairy dust that the Denver Broncos had sprayed on them at the start of the season seems to be wearing off.

You know....lately is seems less and less ridiculous that Roy Halladay may be a Red Sox or a Yankee. And I might not be adverse to a Joba & Jesus Montero package for him either.

Aaron Rogers. That poor bastard. He has been sacked a ridiculous 41 times so far this season (an average of 4.5 a game) and has been hit another jillion times. Surprised his bone structure hasn't turned into dust by now. Green Bay had better draft a whole slew of offensive lineman and sign a few more in free agency if they want to keep their quarterback of the future, and present, alive.

Mr. Varitek, just retire. Go get a nice job on the Red Sox coaching staff or front office and sit down. Really. It's time.

You know, if Kevin Faulk doesn't bobble that pass before finally catching it, then Belichek is a genius. Just saying.

So Brian Kelly is the next Irish head coach. How nice for him. Best of luck to you B.K. You will really, really need it.

And in the Jamarcus Russell update... 9 out of 24 for 67 yards. Bleee-argh. But what's even more disturbing is Russell's reaction after the game. “Things were going OK,” Russell said.

More important than getting Arodis Chapman or Roy Halladay, for the Red Sox, is getting Adrian Gonzalez. He is tailor-made for Fenway and for the Red Sox needs right now. They should trade whomever they have to to go get him.

The Braves are trying to trade Derrick Lowe, who they signed less than a year ago to a gargantuan contract. Here's where I pat myself on the back and quote myself:
"...Lowe will be 36 on June 1st, and with Scott Boras saying he wants a "Zito-type contract" for Lowe—which translates into 6 years at 18 million per year, it seems pretty clear that Derek Lowe will be overpriced for the talent he brings to a team.
I wrote that last November 19th. And the Braves should have listened.

For AAPTBNL Man of the Week, we go to Kurt Warner. Warner was 29 out of 38 for 340 yards and 2 TDs. he had no interceptions. And considering the Cardinals have a mediocre at best running game, the fact that Warner is throwing as well as he is is noteworthy. So congrats Kurt, good game.

And lastly.....why on earth do the Irish think that Urban Meyer would leave? Seriously? Unless he bumps his head 300 times and forgets his entire life up until this point, Urban Meyer is staying at Florida. End of story.


Travis said...

Aaron Rogers' has a dual problem in that his line isn't that good, but he also holds on too long.

Everyone said that the Broncos' record was some and mirrors and it does look like they are coming down to earth. Chris Simms looked like he had never played football before when he came in during the second half.

samerochocinco said...

I would so buy an Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox shirt. The dude's a beast.