Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yet More BCS Nonsense

No, this isn't another article on how college football needs a playoff system (although it does).

No, this is about how one BCS coach getting it right....sorta.

Mack Brown, who has the distinction of being blessed with the best job in college football, who gets to recruit and coach 5-star recruits at almost every position, actually tipped his hat to the TCU, Utah and Boise States of the world. Here's what Brown said when asked about the possibility of TCU, ranked 4 in the country this past week, playing in a BCS game:
"I still don't like the way it is set up because I don't think we should have non-BCS schools. I think its demeaning to those schools that are playing really well. You should give all those schools great credit for what they are doing"
Wow. Heck even the biggest coach in the land of the biggest-named school in the country, tipping his hat to the have-nots. Which is great. What other sport penalizes a team that goes perfect for a season, by not giving them the opportunity to play for the title? March Madness rewards small school team by putting them, in the dance. Maybe not with a top seed, but at least they are given a chance.

But as we know, college football, controlled by bowl committees, would never give a school like TCU an opportunity. So Mack is right in that regard. You should give those schools some credit. By giving them a chance.

Unfortunately, Brown continues a little bit.
"At the same time I don't know that they are treated the same as the other schools. Is there as much scrutiny on one of those teams as there is on a Texas, Alabama, or Florida?"
This is where Brown gets a little pouty. If anything, these schools get more scrutiny. Guys like Herbstreit, if TCU only wins by 8 over a BYU, talks about how they really aren't a quality team. Same for Boise State, which, remember, beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl just 2 years ago, have beaten Oregon 2 years in a row, yet still will never get a chance to play for the big game, no matter what they do.

And you, Mack, get nothing but 5 star recruits should get more scrutiny. Texas, Florida, USC, Ohio State, all those schools get get nothing but love from ESPN should be scrutinized more. You have everything working for you, everything on your side. So with all that donor money and blue-chip recruits, comes more scrutiny. Those schools are supposed to go 12-1, so Mack, tough if people get upset if you don't.

But for the most part, Mack Brown showed a lot of common sense. Teams that play well should be rewarded. While he didn't out and out say that college football needs a playoff system, they do. If TCU goes undefeated, defeating along the way, Clemson, Utah, Virginia and BYU, and gets shut out of playing a meaningful game, then once again, college football will be telling TCU, Boise State and all the not-ESPN approved colleges, that "smaller colleges need not apply."

And that is a disgrace.

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