Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Five

1. Is Albert Pujols the best Cardinal of all time, including, Stan Musial?

2. Could the SEC play in the NFL right now?

3. Do the Saints run the table?

4. Especially after having read my article on the state of NY basketball, will St. John's ever be a dominant college basketball program again?

5. Give me your Vegas odds on the Arodis Chapman (The Cuban ace defector trying to sign in MLB right now) ends up with the Pittsburgh Pirates.


P-Cat said...

I'll go first.

1. Obv. didn't watch Stan the Man play live, but right now....Albert is winning so far. We'll see about longevity.

2. Oh, yes. I think so.

3. Until the playoffs.

4. Sad to say...I can't see it.

5. A google to 1.

blmeanie said...

1) Bob Gibson
2) nope, not even close, but the Raiders/Chiefs/Browns/Bucs could play in the SEC

3) regular season, yes

4) sure, why not, everybody has the same chance to land the "one and done" type players, right?

5) $10,000,000 to 1

Travis said...

1. No
2. Heck no
3. No
4. No, but there is always a possibility.
5. 111-1