Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Five

1. Is Brain Kelly going to bring Notre Dame back to relevance?

2. What are Curtis Granderson's BA, HR and RBI this season for the Yankees?

3. If you were the coach of the 6-7 Steelers, would you sit a beat-up Big Ben. Or is that a bad precedent for a veteran team?

4. Do you get the NFL Network in your area?

5. The first time you saw Khalil Greene, were you surprised he was white, being that Khalil is typically an African-American name?


P-Cat said...

I'll go first:

Yes and no. He will make them a better team. But not top 3 team relevance.

2. .235 BA 28 HRs, 78 RBI

3. Yes, I'd sit him. Not only because he is hurt, but because he could get a lot more hurt behind that O-Line.

4. No. unbelievably it's not available in Brooklyn's cable systems.

5. Totally. Never heard of a white guy named Khalil before.

blmeanie said...

1 ) they will have a good record for a year or two, then back down to earth where they belong. There is no reason any more for players to want to go there over other schools.

2 ) .275 28 81

3 ) no, everybody plays for pride

4 ) no

5 ) have never seen picture still

Travis said...

1. I think he has a better chance than Willingham or Weis did. Obviously, he can recruit well getting players into Cincinnati.

2. Hell, I dunno, .260 25HRs 80 or so RBI

3. Nope, not until I was completely out of the playoffs would I.

4. Sure do. Further proof that Texas rules :D

5. Yes, yes I was.