Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Five

Sorry for the lack of updates. Hell week at work here. Anyway to the questions:

1. If you were the Phillies, would you have tried to sign Lee to a long-term deal. Or would you have made the trade for Halladay?

2. Who is your NFL MVP? Peyton? Chris Johnson. Brees? Someone else?

3. If the Big 10 expands to 12, what will they call themselves?

4. Now that we are deep into the Hot Stove, what was the worst free agent signing of all time?

5. Would you ever watch a game called the Poinsettia Bowl?

1 comment:

blmeanie said...

1) Halladay
2) Brees
3) Dirty Dozen
4) take your pick - pavano/hampton
5) I love a good poinsettia, I only watch the championship bowl game though