Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Happened! Yanks Trade for Granderson

What is sweet Jehoshaphat just happened?

Did someone secretly replace Brian Cashman's brain with delicious Folger's crystals?

So Cashman in all seriousness, thought a trade for an in-decline centerfielder, who batted .249 last season, was worth our best ready-to-play prospect, Austin Jackson (who we didn't want to part with to get Johan Santana), Phil Coke and Ian Kennedy.

At least we held on to Jesus Montero.

So our starting outfielder's last year batting average, bated .276, .249 and .249. Put together, that's  .256. Swell!!

Not sure I can see any advantage to this. Some suggest it's a way to save money to go and get Halladay. But you just gave up some great pieces of the puzzle to go and get him. No, for sure, you'd have to trade Jesus Montero, voted no. 2 by Project Prospect of all minor league prospects. Supersweet!!

In any event, I hope there is a plan. Because trading Damon and Matsui for Granderson—a lifetime .272 hitter with two straight years of steady decline—makes this outfield into a galactically average outfield

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Brandon said...

I'm sorry, I usually agree with you, but I couldn't disagree any more.

Granderson will hit at least .270 with the way he pulls the ball in the lefty-favoring ballpark Yankee Stadium. Add about 30 HR and 75 RBI and I call that a good deal.

Jackson really wasn't living up to his power and I wonder if he will ever get it.

Coke is basically useless with Dunn, Marte, Kroenke.

Kennedy is often injured and the Yankees have Nova, McAllister, etc.

As for Montero, he is a future DH with Romine being the real prospect. Montero sure can hit but he fields worse than a grandma with no hands.

Love the deal, personally....see my analysis and also take a look at Frankie Piliere's