Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Really? Granderson for Hughes and Jackson?

Let me get this straight. To get Curtis Granderson, the Yankees would have to part with Austin Jackson and Phil Hughes.

Why not give them A-Rod and Jeter?

I mean, has Granderson turned into the embodiment of Rickey Henderson when I wasn't looking?

And where do the Tigers get off thinnking they have such a prize to dangle on the trade winds?

Mr. Granderson batted a Giambi-esque .249 last year, the second straight year of a precipitous drop of over 20 points off his batting average. True, he did hit 30 home runs, but do the Yankees need long ball power at the cost of a young talented pitcher and a blue chip prospect? And despite the 30 home runs, his slugging percentage is a meh .455.

Somehow, Granderson got voted into the 2009 All-star game. This despite his only real appearance in the league leaders was in strikeouts (141, good for 9th).

The question to me, really is, why would the Yankees even be interested? Austin Jackson seems ticketed to start in centerfield in 2011, if not sooner. Until then, Melky Carera and Brett Gardner seem more than capable if not exemplary fill-ins till then. Why even dangle the notion that Phil Hughes and Jackson could be had. please let this be nonsense

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