Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Sports Thoughts

Had to babysit a friend's kid all day. So like any good, red-blooded American male, I tossed the kid some crayons and plopped myself down on the couch and watched sports all day. Here's some thoughts.

I had a feeling Florida gets crushed by Alabama. Florida, all season kinda looked like they were phoning it in. Saban's Red Tide on the other hand, were getting hungrier as the year went on. The result seems kinda of forseen: Florida went in and got killed.

Watching Texas play....Alabama is gonna kill them too, I think.

Some knucklehead Stanford sportwriter is complaining about Stanford possibly having to play against Boston College. Uh, Brucie. What was Stanford's record? 8-4? And BC's record 8-4? You are touting a win against Notre Dame? Against a wildly, wildly overrated USC team that Arizona beat last night. yeah, and you also lost to Wake freakin' Forest. You're 8-4. Take the Bowl game and stifle yourself.

I get the feeling, watching the 2 early Big East games, that a blogger, who's  rumblings I read a while back might be right. And his theory was that  the Big 10 and the ACC are going to try to carve up Big East football teams, with the ACC and Big 10 getting Cincinnati, Louisville, Syracuse, Rutgers, UConn, West Virginia and Pittsburgh. The Big East would then become a basketball only division.

Speaking of which, it was nice that St. John's at least didn't embarrass themselves against Duke.

Kinda tired of everyone maligning the ACC now. They had a great game last night with Georgia Tech-Clemson. Yeah, I know everyone was watching the Texas-Nebraska game, but maybe they should have watched the Yellow Jackets high-tech offense beatup a pretty good defense.

Another hunch. Colt McCoy, even though he's listed at 6'2", 210, looks smaller than that. And when he gets to the NFL, and has those guys hit him a few times.....well I think McCoy is going to be on the injured list a lot.

Not saying that Bob Stoops will definitely be the next Notre Dame coach, but every time I saw the scroller at the bottom of the TV saying "I will not be the next coach at Notre Dame" I thought of Nick Saban, two years ago saying the exact same thing about the Red Tide job.

And finally, it was so nice to not hear anything about Tiger Woods. For at least one day.

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