Monday, December 7, 2009


Can someone please explain how frickin Florida State gets a New Year's Day Bowl game? The Gator bowl? For a team that went 6-6 and lost to both Clemson and Boston College; teams who got shafted and stuck with the Emerarld City and Music City Bowl. Really, why have a regular season, if we can pick whoever we want to play in whatever bowl game we want. It just makes a team's record obsolete and meaningless.

Seriously, I know I've written about this a million times before. but look. If the Mets won 110 games and won the NL East by 19 games, but MLB "choose" the Phillies because they "preferred" them, people would flip out. And rightly so.

BTW, where's the love for Clausen? His stats, on an inferior team, outshine both McCoy's and Tebows. But nary a word for him? Seems odd to me.

Right about now, I'm guessing Eric Mangini is wishing he took a year off from coaching. or at least looked at the Browns roster before accepting the job. Heck, even the ref standing next to him in the picture looks like he feels bad for him.

How the heck does Wes Welker get open so often? You would think the opposing coaches would design something that would at least slow him down. He caught 10 passes for the Pats on Sunday, the rest of the team caught 9.

Good for the Kansas City Royals showing their fans that they are actually trying to get back to respectability.

You can pretty much write Sam Bradford's name in ink next to the Carolina Panther's first selection at next year's draft. Oh wait. They don't have a first round pick. Uh oh.

Think Belichek is going defense in free agency in the draft this off-season?

Did Cris Colinsworth "interview" of Brett Farve last night come with a spit-shine of Lord Farve's shoes?

Speaking of that sound I hear that the inevitible sound of Farve's December implosion.....?

You know, I was with the people who said that Tiger didn't owe anybody an explanation: private matters are private. But Jason Whitlock—are you on Tiger's payroll?

As for Mark Sanchez's performance last Thursday, the numbers dont show it (7-15, 104 yds), but to me he looked more decisive. Like he actually had a clue and a gameplan. Doesn't help when Braylon Edwards, wide open drops a perfectly thrown bomb that hits him in the face. Seriously, take a look at the video.

And for the AAPTBNL Man of the Week. Gotta give it to Bruce "the Grad Man" Gradkowski. Goes into Steel Country, and drops 3 TD passes in the final 8:21 to beat the World Champs in their house. For that, he should get AAPTBNL Man of the Month. Gradkowski, who went to school in Toledo, this has to be a day to remember. Congrats Grad!

And lastly...hate those new Florida unis. They totally look like they're a Canadian football team.

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