Monday, December 14, 2009


So, think the Steelers wish they could go back to the offseason and maybe, actually address their offensive line woes? I mean, 8 sacks? To the Browns? I gotta ask, why do the Steelers hate Ben Roethelsberger?

Sorry to say this because he seems like a nice guy, but....Kellen Clemens is not a NFL caliber starter. He just isn't. He wasn't just rusty on Sunday. He was missing guys by 10 yards.

Good article at the Hardball Times about the decline of Derek Lowe. The article also talks about Takeshi Saito, but the really interesting part, when you consider a lot of people were questioning the big paycheck he got from the Braves, is the statistical analysis on Lowe. Didn't the Braves do their homework. Even though Lowe had a nice 2008, stats show he was beginning to slip.Yet they gave him a 4-year fat contract. And now they can't give him away, even if they offer Turner Field along with him.

You know, in the pre-season, I picked Green Bay to surprise and win it all. And when they lost to the Bucs a month ago, shame entered my life in a big way. But since, they've won 5 in a row, and are starting to resemble the team no one wants to play in the playoffs.

I hope Turner Gill works out at Kansas. I just love to see when sports matter to people. And after watching this video of him winning the MAC at makes me wish I was a recruit so I could play for this guy.

The real Randy Moss is starting to show up....uh oh.

There really is no excuse for the Giants to fumble 4 times in a inter-division game in a battle for first place. Eli Manning, injured foot and all showed up and threw for 3 TDs and 400 yards. Where were the rest of the Giants?

And right about now, Steve Spagnuolo is missing the Giants and the Giants are missing Steve Spagnuolo.

I feel AAPTBNL should apologize to Norv Turner. This blog has said some pretty rough things about him. But with the Chargers going 10-3 and looking like one of the most dangerous teams right now, you have to think that Turner has finally found the right situation, and is doing a nice job down there in southern California.

At one point last year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were 9-3. Since then, they've gone 1-16. Seriously, what the heck happened? How does a team tank that fast?

Lesley Visser writes a good column about the Heisman, and how even though Mark Ingram, a great and talented running back , no doubt—won the Heisman, every one knows the best player and no. 1 draft pick was Ndamukong Suh. It's just that the Hesiman never goes to defensive players.

For AAPTBNL Man of the Week....with apologies (great performance, but your team lost) gotta go with DeSean Jackson. 2 TDs, both over 60 yards, almost single-handedly deflating the Giants. Heck, his 6 catches averaged out to 30 yards a catch. Wow. Explosive, thy name is DeSean.

And lastly, AAPTBNL was sorry to hear that the Yankees didn't tender Chien-Ming Wang. I wish him only the best of luck wherever he goes. He was a class act and a good pitcher. He deserves a second chance.

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blmeanie said...

The beauty of the NFL and the salary cap is somethings cannot be fixed properly with the money you have to spend.

Just last season, DLowe showed he can bring it at times, it is his inconsistency that brings him down. Should be a 4th or 5th starter (which he is for the Braves, unfortunately makes #1 money).

Green Bay is a good team, unfortunately there are two incredible teams in front of them in the NFC. Anything can happen in the playoffs, we'll see.

If Randy Moss is too far gone to bring back into the fold so be it. He lasted longer than EVERYBODY thought he would prior to the trade. If he self corrects and becomes a part of the receiving corps again, then the Pats can be dangerous.

Wang will get picked up by somebody, he was too good when healthy.

Seems interesting the walls that the Asian pitchers all seem to hit a couple years into their MLB service time. Dice-K's troubles last year are well documented as WBC related and that may be but the fatigue factor on how they are used in Asia vs. the U.S. must have something to do with it too.