Monday, December 21, 2009


So Favre is "irked" that Childress wanted to seat him, when he wasn't playing so well? Guess Childress forgot the 11th Commandment. "Thou shall not displease the Lord, your Favre, even if ye be the head coach. The team is not yours, but the Favre’s."

Anyone watch the New Orleans Bowl or the St. Petersburg Bowl. Anyone. Anyone at all.....?

Now that the Cubs have gotten rid of the walking migraine known as Milton Bradley, who do they get to play center at Wrigley? Marlon Byrd? Melky Cabrera? Seems to me that with the way the Cubs are designed, they need a lot of production from that position and, right now, options are limited.

Another thought. Now that the Lowell to the Rangers deal is off, could the Rangers be interested in Jason Bay and vice versa? The market for Bay appears to have dried up and Bay isn't all that interested in going to the Mets and spacious Citi Field. Rumor has it the Rangers are sniffing around Vladimir Guerrero, but perhaps they could get the righty bat they need in Bay and have an outfield of Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz and Bay. That's potentially 100+ HRs just from your outfield.

Anyone else catch those scorch marks all over Leon Hall from where Vincent Jackson was burning him for big plays?

I know it's been said a bunch of times before, but Jared Allen is one heck of a player. It was like he was one of the only few players in the Vikings defense to show up yesterday. 6 tackles, a sack, 2 stuffs and a forced fumble. If I had to start a defense, it'd be tough to choose between him, Darrell Revis or Patrick Willis as the first pick.

With "Everyday" Eddy Curry playing a grand total of 12 minutes last season, 62 minutes this season, and buried like a sarcophagus in Mike D'Antoni's depth chart, you think maybe Curry is going check the "Yes, please" box on his 11 million dollar player option for next year?

"I've been in this league 12 years, and I've been through a lot. And these shoulders that I have on my body, you can put the earth on it. So just to let you know, I bounced back. I appreciate it."

That was Randy Moss. Geez, Randy, you're a wide receiver, not the frickin' Messiah on the cross. You got called out for dogging it. Deal with it.

Hard not to pick Josh Cribbs or Jerome Harrison on the Browns, but I gotta go with Big Ben again. All Roethlisberger did was throw for, and this is not a mistype....500+ yards, 3 TD passes (including the game winner with no time on the clock on a beautifully placed ball to the side of the end zone. An unbelievable performance, especially considering his running backs totaled for 65 yards the entire game. Amazing.

And finally, happy birthday to JoePa 83 years young today. And as Cory Giger of the Altoona Mirror writes, Penn State needs you more than ever. No because you've won the Big 10 twice in the past five years and revitalized the program and are bringing in recruits by the buckets to the tune of a Top 5 class. No, Penn State needs you now, because with you being the face of the program's success, they are jacking up ticket prices. Giger writes:

Penn State will be jacking up season-ticket prices in 2011, raising annual Nittany Lion Club contribution levels from $100 per seat to $600 and $400 apiece for thousands of fans. It will be a lot easier for many longtime, diehard Lion fans to fork over the extra money simply as a show of support, loyalty and admiration for Paterno.

Nice, Penn State. Middle of a horrific recession, people hurting, out of work, and the University jacks up prices on the face of a beloved old coach. One again, college football doesn't fail to nauseate. Stay classy, Nittany Lions. Stay classy.

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