Monday, December 28, 2009


Tell me something. How do the Giants, who are in a must-win situation, go out and lay an egg like they did? Just a disgusting performance.

Have to agree with Chad Jennings. With the way the Yankee's rotation is panning out, the Yankees should probably start Phil Hughes and move Chamberlain to the pen in 2010. I still believe that Hughes is the better starter in the long run. And Joba just has the reliever mentality.

Also gotta agree with this sentiment from Matt Zemak of CFN: "How generous of the replay booth reviewer at AT&T Park to give the USC Trojans a late Christmas present of 14 points on two of the worst non-reversals ever witnessed in major college football." Totally true. Not that BC played a great game on Saturday night against USC. Still, those two calls had to be some of the worst calls in football, college or pro.

An under-the-radar pickup seems to be panning out as a steal for the Browns. Matt Roth, acquired off waivers from the Dolphins has 4 sacks in 5 games and is active on tackles. Roth would be a much-needed boost for Mangini's Browns if he can keep up the good play.

"I disagree with their whole scheme ... They don't let me rush. They're all against me, or whatever."
That was Albert Haynesworth after he was sent home for being 20 minutes late to a meeting. Just one question, Albert....shouldn't you have maybe, I don't know, checked what the scheme was before you signed a 7-year contract?

Good point by Jon Paul Morosi saying that the Padres might get more value for Adrian Gonzalez in July at the trading deadline than they would now. Also, if Padres are out of it in July, maybe it hurts the Padres fan base less than it would now. Gonzalez is popular and if they trade him now, the Padres are telling their fan base they are done for 2010 already. If they do it when they are 23 games back, maybe it doesn't seem so vile to the fans.

Question: How come Wes Welker isn't being considered at all for MVP? Despite missing two games, Welker leads the league in receptions by 21 receptions. He's just 20 receptions short of the record—again, even though he missed two games. He leads the league in yards per game, and is second in YAC. He's also 1 behind Reggie Wayne in 1st down catches and 6th in the league in punt return yards. Now I'm not saying Peyton Manning or Darrelle Revis shouldn't be the MVP, but shouldn't Welker at least be in the conversation?

Said it before, will say it again. Jason Campbell does not look like a starting NFL quarterback. A backup maybe.

Incredibly easy call for AAPTBNL Man of the Week. Jonathan Stewart, come on down. 208 yards at 7.4 ypc and making it look easy. Congratulations on winning Man of the Week in a walk.

And finally, in the wake of Tiger Woods, (as well as Steve Phillips, Roger Clemens, Alex Rodriguez, Steve McNair, Rick Pitino, Kobe Bryant, Derek Lowe, etc, etc), 3 athlete's wives—Tia Robbins, Jasmine Silva and Jerika Johnstone—started a company called Off The Market. Says Robbins:

"My husband told me that since he had that ring on his finger, women have been flocking to him more....We have to be open with each other and we think we can help with these unique relationships....We want to help athletes sustain a positive and sexy relationship with their mates."

So how are they gonna do that?

"We'd like to offer a private lesson for strip pole dancing one day or even offer to have a strip pole built in a home. (We have a male sex toy that)...our men can use this product on the road and that will help them stay straight at home."

Male sex toys? Can't imagine an athlete on the road saying, "No guys. I don't want to go to the strip bar with you guys. I'm gonna go back to my hotel room by myself, grab my sex toy and get in touch with myself. Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do."On the other hand, Robbins' wife is kinda hot so.....


Travis said...

That Giants game reminded me of the egg the Cowboys laid last season in Texas Stadium also trying to get into the playoffs.

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Re your reference to sex toys. You are right, no one talk about doing it ... but we all do. Simple.

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