Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Five

1. Which franchise is the greatest franchise in the NFL?

2. Is Bert Blylevan a Hall of Famer?

3. Which MLB free agency signing will, over time, be the worst signing?

4. Will Tiger Woods ever come back and play the way he used to?

5. If you were an athlete, how would you dress up for your photo? Like this guy? If so, explain.


blmeanie said...

1 - 50/50 between Pittsburgh and Dallas right now, both have multiple periods of domination and many titles.

2 - sure

3 - I think the length of the contract Matt Holliday signed will make it the worst. He has some history of getting hurt (2 out of 5 seasons he has played more than 150 games) and decline in skills as this contract winds down.

4 - sure, probably better, with a vengeance.

5 - too hard to see the pic you are showing, I looked on and the picture is different now.

samerochocinco said...

1. I refuse to answer that question as I am a huge homer and would immediately say the Patriots, which isn't true.

2. Yes. He should have been in this year. What a shame.

3. Jason Bay to the Mets. That definitely wasn't his first option to go to them, and just because he wanted a couple extra million, he's now in a situation he doesn't like. He probably expected to go to a team ready to contend, and it screwed him over.

4. Yes, and it'll be scary how intense he'll be. The tournament he comes back in will probably break records for TV ratings.

5. It's the Nets. They don't take themselves seriously, so why should their players?

Janet Navas said...

I would like to respond to Friday Five #5 regarding Tiger Woods. My guess is that this may be the decline in his career. He could carry this shame which will cause him to be unable to ever play the same again. It will take alot for him to heal past the shame of this choice he made. There are consequences for all our choices in life, and Tiger, you are and will pay the price for this one.