Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Five

1. Is Marty Schottenheimer going to turn around the Redskins?

2. Would you want to see the Super Bowl in an outdoor, cold stadium, like in Buffalo or Green Bay?

3. Do you buy the SI Swimsuit issue. Do you keep them in a cellophane in a warm, dry place. Be honest.

4. Is the Patriots' dynasty over? If so, which team has the best chance for a dynasty in the 2010s?

5. Which Sunday morning football personality do you hate the most? Chris Berman? Shannon Sharp? Terry Bradshaw? Or is it Keith Olberman on the NBC night show. Pick anyone and explain?


Travis said...

1. He's going back to the Redskins? Anyway, it all depends on how much interference Snyder gives him. So, probably not

2. I sure would. I wouldn't go, but I would like to see one on TV.

3. Nope, I never have. I looked at my friend's when I was growing up. Now, with free porn on the internet, what's the point now?

4. It probably is, but I do believe Belichick and the front office would be the ones to be able rebuild it. They know how to use the current system. I don't see anyone replacing them right now.

5. I don't watch any of the Sunday morning shows anymore. I am usually doing stuff then, and they are all too long. I do hate Keith Olberman though. I thought he was a jerk when he worked at ESPN way back when. I thought he was a total ingrate when he left, and he has continued to be a rick with a capital p ever since. I can't stand him.

blmeanie said...

1- nope
2- nope
3- nope
4- yes; chicago blackhawks
5- All of them

P-Cat said...

Oh, I wrote Schottenheimer when i meant Shanahan! My bad. Sorry.