Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Five

1. Should the Cowboys have kept Wade Phillip's? If not, who should they have gone after the be the head coach?

2.What's the best nickname in sports, past or present? (Hat tip to Pitchers & Poets).

3. Where does Johnny Damon end up?

4. What's the best stadium you've ever been to? In any sport.

5. Does the fact that Venus Williams played a game at the Australian Open in a short skirt and anything to you? Bother you? Make you happy?


Pete S said...

Wade Philips deserves another year at the least, so I think the Cowboys made a good move

Chocolate Thunder - Darryl Dawkins

Johnny Damon - Atlanta Braves. It's a good fit.

The Old Yankee Stadium

The thong makes me fearful for some reason

blmeanie said...

1 - sure, they have improved each year, although slowly

2 - Magic Johnson

3 - Atlanta (unfortunately)

4 - Fenway (yes, I've been to old Yankee stadium, Wrigley, Busch, and a few others)

5 - not a thing, dumb if anything

Homerman11209 said...

Chocolate Thunder. Outstanding Pete!!

And yes, fearful was sorta my response to no. 5 as well.

Fenway is a good call. Really is a great place.