Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playoff Pigskin Prognostications

Let's break down who's should win this great weekend in football.

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints
Yes, I know the emergence of the Saints was this years hot news. However the Saints fizzled out late in the season. And now the Saints have to face the Cardinals, who dropped 51 on the Packers last week, with the 26th ranked pass defense. Not good—the Saints look to get rocked by Kurt Warner. The Cards also ran 6.8 ypc against the Packers number 1 ranked run defense. All that says to me that the Cardinals might score in the triple digits against the Saints—especially now that Saints sack leader, Charles Grant is out injured. Expect a high score.
Cardinals 44
Saints 30

Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts
Everyone knows if the Colts are to win, Manning has to carry them. The Colt's running game isn't worth squat, so all Manning had to do all season was be nigh perfect. Which he was. And getting a lot of dinged up players back healthy should only help the Colt's cause. What might matter most in this game is who takes the early lead. If the Colts do and force the Ravens to get away from their running attack, that would help them. If the Ravens jump out early, then pound the ground game against the Colts 24th ranked run defense, and eat the clock, the Colts could be in for a frustrating day. However, the Ravens secondary is banged up—never the words you want to hear when you're facing Peyton Manning and his passing arm of death.
Colts 30
Ravens 20

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings
The key to this game is whether the Cowboys can pressure Brett Farve. If they can, Farve will make mistakes (mind-boggling ones too). In Minnesota's 4 losses, Farve was sacked 14 times—in the 12 other wins, he was sacked a total of 20 times. Good news for the Cowboys is in their last 4 games, they've had at least 4 sacks. They've held their opponents to 31 points in the last 4 games. My money? Big win Dallas
Cowboys 34
Vikings 14

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers
Ron Burgandy's favorite team, the Chargers, are number 1 in the NFL at yards per passing attempt at almost 8 yards on average per pass play. The Jets have the highest defensive passer rating in the league. Irresistible Force, meet Immovable Object. But we all know the Chargers are going to get their points—they haven't trailed in the second half since November 8th—even against the stout Jets defense. The question is, can the Jets score? Well, the Chargers don't have the defense they once did, nabbing only 14 INTs this season and giving up 4 and a half yards a carry. Also, the Charger's run game is pathetic, averaging a measly 3.33 yards per rushing attempt—so you know the Jets' linebackers, instead of covering rushing lanes are going to focus on sacking Rivers and covering Antonio Gates. The Jets match up well with the Chargers and should give them a better game than most people seem to think. Final score:
Jets 19
Chargers 17

Enjoy the games!


Donna Ng said...

Granted, the Saints will miss Charles Grant. But they get back a lot of other players who were dinged up in those last few games...Fujita, Shockey, Bush. Saints by a touchdown.

Travis said...

Everyone is predicting a huge score in the Saints game, so it will probably end up being 17-10 or something like that.