Monday, January 25, 2010


C'mon. No matter what anyone at ESPN said, or all the praise upon praise heaped upon just knew the old Farve was going to show up.

Did Adrian Peterson and the rest of the Vikings put rich, creamery butter on his gloves?

You know....that Mark Sanchez kid looked pretty good out there. He looks like a totally different guy that the one who went 10 for 29 with 5 interceptions against Buffalo earlier this year.

Only have one question for Michael Vick now....Did he shoot up the dogs so he'd have super-steroid jacked-up fighting dogs?

It might be time to put the Pro Bowl out to pasture. I mean so many guys have opted out, David Garrard is in the Pro Bowl. Again, that would be David Garrard. He of the 83.5 QB rating. And he's in the Pro Bowl.

Nice game, Knicks.

CFN ran a great article in which they went back to 2006 and tallied up the 5 star recruits from that year and if they panned out. It is pretty amazing how many of the "Can't Miss" players turned out to be nothing but massive busts, including the number 1 recruit of 2006, Mitch Mustain, who is now trying to become a punter for the USC Trojans.

I'm sorry. But how is Texas the number one college basketball team in the country? Am I missing something here?

You know, I'm used to athletes and coaches having superstitions. But Sexy Rexy Ryan...couldn't you have a less unappealing one?

You stay classy, University of Florida.

I am really surprised no one has give a flyer to Eric Bedard. Yes, I know the guy has been injured, and suppossedly he isn't the warmest, fuzziest guy to be around. But the lefty threw a 2.82 ERA last year with 90 Ks in 83 IP. Somebody should give him a contract, don't cha think?

Glad that Roddick beat that super-angry Gonzalez guy. I mean, I know you're hyped up and everything, but do you really have to break your own rackets? And apparently he has a history of doing it, as this picture shows. Dude, stop it. When you do it all the time, it's not intense, it's ridiculous.

And finally, I have to say...I absolutely hate that stupid annoying-on-purpose "Bags Fly Free" Southwest Air commercial. You know the one, where they get all these baggage attendants to talk about bags, and then mix it up and make a seriously iritating rap about "Bags Flying Free." And it was on every 6-1/2 seconds. Southwest, if you ever want people to fly your airlines again, stop it with that commercial.


Travis said...

In that Knicks game, that was with 2 starters out, and I think Nowitzki got pulled sometime in the 3rd quarter.

As for the Vikings and turnovers that is their SOP in big playoff games.

Pete S said...

P-Cat, you called the championship games perfectly.

Hats off to the Jets. They were prepared and played hard, but Manning forced several penalties against them (3 third down conversions by penalties), passed to the right receiver on almost every play, and wore one of the best defenses in the league down just like he did to the Ravens.

Manning knew that he would need to utilize his 3rd and 4th options to move the ball and he did it. Pierre Garcon? The guy looked like Art Monk in that game. Collie is a rookie. Reggie Wayne was taken out of the game by Revis, coverage rolled to Dallas Clark, and Manning still had a plan and executed it.

The Jets should be proud, because they outplayed 2 tough teams and ran into one of the greatest players in NFL history.

The Jets have so much upside to build upon. Sanchez looks better than Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and even Big Ben at this point in his career. The defense is by no means old...same thing their offensive line and their skill players except for Thomas Jones.

Rex Ryan brought the best out of his players. Jets fans should be very optimistic. He did a post game interview that demonstrated his class and great attitude. In contrast to Mangini, he exudes an open and honest approach to discussing his team in a town where the media is tough. However, did he need to dis the Giants in his press conference? That could come back to bite him.

The Vikings need to call Tiki Barber and beg him to teach Adrian Butterfingers how to hold onto the ball. Pay him a consulting fee and end this, because the Vikings are the best team in the NFC and maybe the whole league if they hold onto the ball. They should have beaten the Saints by 2 TD's.