Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five

1. Will you watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonite?

2. Will Gary Sheffield ever play MLB baseball again?

3. Do you watch golf? Please explain why.

4. What was the best dunk you've ever seen. If you can, put a url of it in your answer.

5. You're the GM of the St. Louis Rams. Considering Mike Vick's recent comments that he has dogged it in the past (I chose the word "Dogged" on purpose), would you try to sign him?


P-Cat said...

1. Yes. I'm a sucker for the Olympics. I'll even watch curling (maybe)

2. Hope not. And I doubt it.

3. I'd rather watch The View

4. Still has to be Mr. Starks.

5. No. Not because he's a disgusting human. But because he's an overrated QB.

blmeanie said...

1 -yes, after experiencing the Olympics first hand in '96 I'm hooked.

2 - nope, don't care either. He could be the next tell all roider

3 - rarely, Masters/US/British opens. I play, I love the history, I love Augusta.

4 - last one here :

This one isnt a dunk but one of my favorite all time plays :

5 - level set, if I were the GM of the Rams I'd probably resign, but ok, yes, because I can put people in seats and the guy has been remorseful. Go one further, if you are Arizona, have excellent receivers, your HOF QB just retired, gonna let noodle arm take over or make a play for Vick?

Pete S said...

1. Not really

2. I think he's done.

3. Occasionally. It's so difficult to play that I respect the players' skill levels.

4. Vince Carter over Frederick Weiss in the Olympics:

5. I don't think anyone should sign that sociopath.

Travis said...

1. I did, but I was trapped at my dad's house otherwise I don't. I just wanna see the games not all other crap.

2. Nope

3. Every once in a great while, when I need a nap.

4. I dunno, probably a Dominique dunk.

5. Hell no