Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Five

1. Now that the Knicks can afford both of them, will the Knicks get Tracy McGrady and Dwayne Wade next season?

2. Would you trade Donovan McNabb and play Kevin Kolb if you were Andy Reid? Side question: If he's traded, where does McNabb end up?

3. Are you interested in what Tiger Woods has to say? What about his not taking questions?

4. Will Adrian Gonzalez be on the Red Sox come the 2010 trading deadline?

5. If you won an Olympic medal, then chipped your tooth biting on it in a photo op, would you ever show your face again? What if you were a curler and wore these pants?

1 comment:

Pete S said...

1. They should go after Wade or McGrady (but not both, they are similar players and both have had injuries) and sign Bosh. That's a very good team potentially.

2. They should keep McNabb for another year.

3. Let me guess, he will say he's sorry, he has no excuse, he is seeking help, and he will make it up to everybody. Not interested. Oh yeah, people who do not take questions at press conferences are weak. That's what a press conference is supposed to be. Otherwise, just issue a statement...

4. I think he will be there

5. I'd show my face again by virtue of having an Olympic medal. If it were an Emmy or something like that, I'd avoid public places. Those pants remind me of Bobby Knight in the '70's. That's actually kinda cool for a curler.