Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five

On a crazy, blizzardy snow day, why not do the Friday Five?

1. Hypothetical question. Would you trade, say, the Oakland Raiders to the NCAA for the Texas Longhorns in the NFL?

2. Does Albert Pujols win the NL MVP once again? If he does, is he the best St. Louis Cardinal of all time? If not, who is?

3. Mark Buehrle says he all set to retire at 32, even though he may very well be at the peak of his game. Do you agree with him or disagree with his call?

4. Bob Costas rated the top three sports calls of all times (bottom of page). Do you agree with him, or do you have a favorite of your own?

5. If you could be one athlete (from any time period) for a month, who would you be and when?


Travis said...

1. Sure because I would love to see the Raiders lose to Baylor

2. Sure, and why not.

3. Disagree, I think he has his whole post-baseball life in front of him, and most pros tell you they wish wish they could have played longer. But, if that is what he wants, who am I to tell him not to?

4. Those are fine with. I might try to find the '82 Cal-Stanford game with, "The band is on the field!"

5. Magic Johnson mid-80s.

Pete S said...

1. It's sad that I even have to think about it.

2. He will win it again if healthy, but he needs to stick around for a while before he is the greatest Cardinal of all time. If we can include pitchers, I would put Bob Gibson as the greatest Cardinal. HE WAS SICK!

3. I feel for 99.9% of players who retire unwillingly and think to myself, why would an effective player walk away? It's not like football, where Tiki Barber and Barry Sanders may have prolonged their overall health (and lives, potentially) by walking away.

4. How about Phil Rizzuto's call on Chambliss' home run to beat the Royals "It's hit deep to right center, that ball is...OUTTA HERE! The Yankees win the pennant!" Or, "Devin Hester, you are ridiculous!"

5. Joe Namath after the Super Bowl the Jets won. Good lord, I'll bet he had a GREAT TIME!!!!


blmeanie said...

1) nope, nice to have the Raiders to beat on for other teams

2) probably does win at least 1 more, statistically will be best Cardinal, Cardinal fans will still hold Gibson/Musial ahead of him

3) as a fan, disagree, as a fan, I get it, the money

4) 1980 hockey wins over Fisk HR :)

5) nobody said Tiger (not any of the last 3 months), but I'd go with Hank Aaron, April 1974