Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rotations: Which Is The Best?

Buster Olney had a blog post recently about the best 5 rotations in the league, and while he gave some love to the Mariners, his final list ranked like this:

1. Red Sox
2. Yankees
3. White Sox
4. Angels
5. Cardinals/Phillies

I'm sorry. But how can you not put the Mariners in the top 3.

I don't care what your rationale is: Starting out with King Felix (2.49 ERA, 179 ERA+, 217 SO), switching to the lefty Cy Young winner, Cliff Lee (3.22 ERA, 1.56 ERA in postseason), then—when he's healthy—Eric Bedard (2.82 ERA, 90 SO in 83 IP), who they picked up for a about $1.95 and some incentives). After that you can go with Ryan Rowland-Smith (3.74 ERA, 1.138 WHIP). For the fifth spot there are a number of contedners including Ian Snell (4.20 ERA), Doug Fister (4.13 ERA) or a host of others. Whomever impresses in camp gets the last spot on the hill.

That rotation is ridiculous. Cliff Lee is your number 2 pitcher? Unheralded Rowland-Smith had a superb .239 BAA last year, and finished strong, earning a 3.49 ERA in September and October.

I know the Yankees have Sabathia, Vasquez and Burnett and the Red Sox have Beckett, Lester and Lackey. But I'd put the Marines up against either of those teams and not feel worried. The Cardinals have a fantastic starting 2, but no depth after that. And no way do the Angels have a better rotation than the Mariners.

So, I'm asking you guys, which are the top 3 rotations in the league in 2010. Write back and argue for your top 3.

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