Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Congrats Roger. Apparently my poll question is answered. Still the best.

Wait...what? T.O. promoting himself and ripping all his former QBs? It can't be!!!! Oh, but it is.

With the draft coming, the entire Draftnik world is projecting what teams are going to take in the draft. One question: Why does everybody seem to want to replace Todd Heap? Dude had 53 catches, which yes, isn't blowing anybody away, but that's with a young, injured and erratic QB. And 53 is more than John Carlson, whom everybody seems to be raving about, Jeremy Shockey, who, yes, played only 13 games, only caught 48 catches. And that is with Drew Brees throwing him the ball. Not saying Heap is a Hall of Famer, just saying I think the Ravens have bigger issues than a fairly decent tight end. Like maybe drafting a wide receiver. Or 3.

Was extremely surprised that the Jets only came in 11th in Bill Simmons' "Cursed Franchises." I mean, AJ Duhe anyone? 1986? Up 10-0 against the Broncos in the 1998 AFC Championship and Vinnie Interceptaverde hands them in game? 11th? Psshaw. Try 3rd.

This website ranked the top 25 college programs of the decade. And....I'm sorry, Michigan fans. Any team that loses to Appalachian State is automatically disqualified from being in the top 25.

God I would hate to see Wang in a Met uniform. It just wouldn't be right.

They are already debating the Josh Beckett free agency countdown up in Beantown. Well, if history is any judge, Beckett will have a down year this year and that will allow Boston to let him walk. Since 2005, Beckett has alternated great years (2005: 3.38 ERA, 2007: 3.27 ERA, 2009, 3.86 ERA) with down, injury-plagued ones (2006: 5.01 ERA, 2008: injury plagued 4.03 ERA, and bombed in postseason with 8.94 ERA and 7 HRs in 14 IP). If he does tank this year, expect Boston to let him go and go with Lackey and Lester as their 1-2.

Tampa Bay Buc GM Mark Dominik says of fledgling head coach Raheem Morris: "I was really impressed with how Raheem continued to grow in that role." (Translation: He was in way over his head.). "I think people did, even outside of our organization, when he got to interview with another club (the Broncos) for their head-coaching job, so it wasn't something that we just saw internally. It was something people saw externally, as well." (If he bombs out, it wouldn't be my fault. Other people though he would be a good coach as besides me.) "I felt like he really blossomed into an even better coach with even more responsibility, which says a lot about Raheem and, I think, what his future can be." (Cowher turned me down. Morris better shape up this season or else.)

Don't be surprised if North-South game MVP Brandon Graham ends up as the first round pick of the New England Patriots. Graham showed that he can rush the passer as well as anybody coming out of college, with 2 sacks, a forced fumble as he set up permanent residency in the South backfield all game. The Patriots need pass rushers desperatly, and Graham projects out to a 3-4 end. Coming from Michigan wouldn't hurt either, as the Patriots already have 2 Michigan LBs on their roster. Not to mention Tom Brady.

And finally....the first basketball game ever to be played on ice will take place in New York City's Central Park on February 9th. Wow, cool. Who's playing? Well, the hometown favorites will be the Harlem Globetrotters and they will be playing their arch-nemesis, the Washington Generals. And as we know the record between these 2 mortal enemies is something like 12,418 wins for the Globetrotters against 0 wins for the Generals. But who knows, as Krusty the Clown once siad when he bet on the Generals...."They are due!"!


Pete S said...

Yes, TO running his mouth is shocking, like when the sun comes up every morning...it amazes me.

Great call on the Ravens...they would be well served by going after a big WR or two and try to mold their offense after the Chargers. How about Brandon LaFell from LSU? He's a big boy.

Great call on the Pats, too. They need another Willie McGinest.

Nick Charles Whitman said...

Wait... you have Lackey over Lester in the Red Sox rotation?