Monday, February 8, 2010


Sitting like a zombie here at work—before we even get started—I'd like everybody to join this club: It's the "I think the Superbowl Should be played on Saturday Facebook club. Please, for god's sake, please tell the NFL we'd like to sleep late the day after the Super bowl.

OK, now to the patting myself on the back portion of this entry. And please, did I not call this game?

But if the Saints blitz Manning, it may not necessarily be to sack him—but to rush his decision-making, and allow the Saints' secondary to try to jump Manning's route....So what Gregg Williams will do, is probably, send his different blitz packages and get his secondary to study where Manning normally goes when he sees a blitz coming. And try to jump those routes. New Orleans knows it can't completely stop Peyton Manning. So, the best plan would be to try to force a couple of mistakes.
So, yay me! And great game, New Orleans. Great planning, great execution.

I know its been said before: But wow. What a great and gutsy call on that onside kick, Sean Payton. But hey man. Are you lucky the Saints go the ball back. Because if they didn't. And you put Peyton manning on your own 42 yard line to start the second half, the city of New Orleans would have crucified you.

Mariners signing Eric Bedard is a great move. With King Felix, Cliff Lee and now, a healthy Eric Bedard, Seatle now has three number 1s in their rotation, and have to be considered as the best staff in baseball.

Someone answer how vacating victories punishes a program at all? Florida State still had a beast of a recruting class. No one really cars because no one got punished. And wasn't it just a few weeks ago when the media was having its "We Love Bobby Bowden party." Wasn't this huge scandal on his watch?

Boy the Celtics sure got old fast.

Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum recently said he plans to tender Kellen Clemens this offseason when he becomes a restricted free agent. One question, Mike.....Why?

I don't know who I'd pity more if Kevin Kold gets traded to the Browns: Brady Quinn, who would have to be considered a 1st round bust, or Kevin Kolb, because he has to play in Cleveland.

I know that practically their entire team went to the NBA draft, but did you really except the Tar Heels to be 13-10 in February, and 2-6 in ACC play?

The World's most dangerous newspaper, the New York Post wrote a good article on the Mets yesterday. where they quoted one agent asking the salient question: "How can you have that payroll and still not have a starting catcher or first baseman, a second baseman you hate and no legitimate starters after Johan?”

Even though he's rumored to go everywhere, I still think Julius Peppers to the Patriots makes the most sense for both clubs. New England has an extra first round pick next year from the Richard Seymour trade, and Peppers fills a Grand Caynon sized pas-rushing hole on the Patriots defense.

And finally, for most embarrassing moment in winter sports this year....well, just watch.

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