Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Pitchers/Catchers Report this week. Even with snow coming down here in New York, I just got my first sniff of spring.

This is Bobby Cox's last year in the dugout for the Braves, and already the season is starting on the wrong foot. Jurrjens is the most important pitcher for the Braves and the best pitcher no one talks much about.

People, people, everybody prognosticates who's going to win the MLB, each and every year. Point being, no matter what computer you have—even if you have HAL from 2001—or even if your' Nostradamus—you'll never get it all right. Just do it and have fun.

Normally I agree—or at least respect with the stuff printed in Pro Football Weekly—but their Audibles section had a real silly quote in it this week. Here it goes:

"Look at what Rex Ryan was able to do with the Jets with very much the same roster and a rookie quarterback. When we played them the year before, (Brett) Favre was not Favre. His arm was dead. And the defense was slow. A year later, they are a game away from the Super Bowl with basically the same talent."
Is it me, or did they just contradict themselves in that paragraph? They say, with "basically the same talent." And then they say, Favre's arm "was dead." So, what you're saying PFW, is that oh yeah, except for the quarterback position—which had a gunslinger QB who couldn't throw —it was basically the same team. And you're ignoring Bart Scott and Jim Leonard and Braylon Edwards to name just a few additions. But basically its the same team. Man, to me, that had to be the silliest analysis I've ever seen in PFW.

Hate to say this, because I love the Olympics and I'm happy Canada got to show them off, but man, those were the worst Opening Cermonies I ever saw. Boring and silly.

That said, the men's short speedskating, where Apollo got the silver, was one of the most exciting short burst of sports I've ever seen.

CFN released its way early pre-spring 2010-2011 prognostication poll. And really, Nebraska is 5th in the country. Yes they had a decent season last year and Pelini has them coming back. But 5th? And USC is 15th. I just don't see that.

Did anyone watch the NBA All-Star game. I've asked a ton of sports fans and no one watched the game. I'm just wondering, who the heck actually watches it? Especially with the Olympics on.

Tom Verducci had an interesting article about which pitchers are in jeopardy of his "Verducci Effect." Even if you don't buy into his theory, it makes for interesting reading.

Sporting News puts Carolina's John Fox as one of the coaches on the Hot Seat this upcoming year. Maybe, but there are a boatload of teams who would speed dail Fox to coach their squad as soon as he hits the streets. And Mangini, hate to say it, but I wouldn't be surprised if your seat would be filled by Fox in 2011.

And finally, just saw these images of the demolitions of Giants Stadium. And yeah, it wasn't my favorite venue of all time, but still....it is a little sad for New Yorkers. 

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Travis said...

Also, in regards to that story on the Jets, I guess Rex Ryan's mere presence made the defense faster.

I can't believe that CFN put Nebraska 5th. They had an okay year in the weak Big 12 north, and they are losing their best player.

The last NBA All-star game I watched was when Magic, Larry, Isiah and those guys were still around. Still the most recent all-star game I have watched though.