Monday, February 22, 2010


I’ve been trying to avoid the Tiger Woods drama, mostly because .... well .... I don’t care. But I have to say the media’s acting as if this story was akin to America invading Russia, China, and Mars all at once was really pathetic. The media, mostly middle-aged, wealthy white guys—who happen to be the only people who care about golf‚—acting as if this was actually news and important and relevant to sports in any way, was pathetic.

One more thing. If they call Woods an “athlete” one more time, I’m going to put my foot in my TV. He’s not an athlete, he’s a golfer.

On to actual news. Randy Moss....if you don’t care so much about the Patriots offering to re-up you, why are you telling us about it February, a year before you become a free agent? Why are you even bringing it up?

In further football news, we’re getting the annual “The Combine doesn’t mean anything” articles, with Peter King leading the way. “’s way overrated in terms of deciding who should get picked where in the draft, and it always will be.” Yes, sure, King. But you know there will tons of guys there...scouts coaches etc, who will go there and fall in love with some kid. Happens every year. And if it mater so little, why do the best players never go there. Because they know that it does matter, and if they show up and stink, they can lose millions.

Regarding the Tracey McGrady to the Knicks deal....I hope my gut instinct that Sergio Rodriguez might have been a sleeper steal for the Knicks is right. The book on Sergio is that he is quick, a great passer with great court vision, a fancy dribbler, a hustler and a pass-first point guard. Sounds like something the Knicks need. And in his first game with the Knicks, his scouring report held true. Not a lot of points, but 2 behind-the-back passes to David Lee for layups and dove for the ball twice. “Spanish Chocolate” had 6 assists in 25 minutes and according to everybody watching, the offense was moving quicker and more efficiently when Rodriguez on the court. If he gets the rhythm flowing again for the Knicks, fans would owe Donnie Walsh a great deal of credit for not only cleaning up Isiah’s mess and opening up the cap in just two years, but not just getting junk back in return, but players who could actually play the game.

What happened to the Russian Winter Olympic effort? In 1980, they led the way with 23 medals in 1988, they had 28. In 1994, they had 23. However, by 2002, they were down to 13. So far in 2010, they have 8, with only 2 gold. What happened? Was it the Glasnost and Perestroika that led to the downfall of the Russian Olympics teams? If so, chalk one for Communism, because the teams were much better back then.

Khalil Greene? What happened to this guy? He won the Golden Spikes Awards as the best amateur player in 2002; was 2nd in the NL Rookie of the Year race in 2004, and was on his way to being an All-Star type player. Now he’s a journeyman, who inexplicably, doesn’t even want to play in the best hitter’s park in the nation. What the heck is going on?

Pinstripe Alley asks the (kinda silly) question: "If you're Brian Cashman, do you re-up Rivera for the same $15M he makes now, or do you try to squeeze him down a few M?" I think even Cashman pay the Man. Rivera gets whatever Rivera wants. C'mon.

According to the wires, the Patriots have franchised Vince Wilfork. Despite Wilfork saying that a franchise tag would be “a slap in the face,” its a good move for the Patriots. For a defense that is a pale shadow of its old self, keeping the big man—and one of the better NTs in the league—on the team is an absolute necessity. Especially since Ron Brace, last year’s number 2 pick, didn’t seem ready for the full-time job.

Finally, the University of Ole Miss is abandoning the Colonel. Colonel Reb, the mascot for the Unversity of Mississippi’s Rebels for 80 years is being abandonded as the University feels it is a symbol of the Confederacy and to many people, a symbol of hate.

Well first things first. In 2010, the University of Mississippi is figuring out that an old Southern gentleman from the pre-Cival War South might be construed as offensive? Really? It took them that long to figure that out?

Now, I’m not a bigtime PC guy, but I think keeping the name Rebels and refocusing the mascot from a Cival War pro-South slaveowner to something less offensive isn’t the worst idea. And as a suggestion, maybe one of these lovely rebel fighters could be the be the model for new mascot.


Pete S said...

I believe Tiger is in the same rehab clinic Steve Phillips was in. Can you imagine what goes on in that place? That's the only newsworthy aspect of this whole scenario.

Randy being Randy. He needs to understand that Tom Brady throwing you the ball is not too bad a situation. Everybody else seems to understand it.

How can a multi-day event designed specifically to evaluate talent for a draft that comes right behind it be "overrated in terms of deciding who should get picked where in the draft." IT IS THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THE COMBINE. OF COURSE IT MATTERS.

I always liked T-Mac because he is a really good 5 tool player (shoot, dribble, pass, defend, rebound). Rodriguez is exciting (Spanish Chocolate, how can you not love that) and Eddie House can flat out shoot. Donnie Walsh, as promised, was not shy at all and now the Knicks can finally go after the raw materials they need to build a winner. I'd love to keep T-Mac and bring in Bosh. Of course, Lebron would be such a perfect fit in this town that I can barely imagine it. Regardless, Walsh will have put the pieces in place.

Russia isn't nearly as big as they were before they broke that country up...maybe that's why they don't dominate.

Pay Rivera.

The Pats need Wilfork, as they can build around him. Really dominant NT's are not a dime a dozen.

Ole Miss should change their nickname to the Mud Dogs like in that lame Adam Sandler movie.

Travis said...

Count me as one of the ones who thinks the Combine is overrated. Simply because their misses are just as numerous as their hits, but that is everything like the Combine (see the draft)

As to Khalil Greene, apparently he has some sort of social disorder that makes it hard very hard for him play in front of crowds, and and even socialize with his teammates.