Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Five

1. Who will have more sacks next season: Julius Peppers or Aaron Kampman?

2. Do you agree with Barry Zito plunking Prince Fielder in retaliation for a home run celebration last year. Elaborate.

3. The Hardball Times predict Alex Rodriguez is going to have an MVP type year with 46 HRs, 124 RBI, 20 steals and .610 slugging percentage. How do you think he'll do this season?

4. If you were the Rams, would you trade a 2nd round pick for Donovan McNabb?

5. If you were a high school quarterback, and could go to any college to play football, where would you go?


blmeanie said...

1 - Kampman, not sure who he plays for but Peppers will be FAT($$$) and injured.

2 - if it truly was retaliation, then it is bush move, now if he charged the mound last year that would be different.

3 - bigger numbers, 50 HR, 135 RBI, 20 steals

4 - no, too old

5 - UNLV ; reasons should be obvious

Pete S said...

1. I'll go with Kampman. Peppers takes whole games off sometimes and he will be adjusting to a new system.

2. I do not mind it from a National League starter because they have to step up to the plate themselves. Otherwise, I think it is cowardly, although I will concede that I understand why it happens and that it has a place in the game.

3. I think that 46 HR's is a stretch because he is presumably not doing steroids anymore. I could see him competing for the MVP, though.

4. Maybe I'd give them a 3rd, but not a 2nd. He's too old and not worth it.

5. The University of Florida. I like the offense for a QB and the overall program is one of the best. Urban Meyer is a great head coach, and you get to play in the football-crazed SEC.