Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Five

1. How do you think Pete Carroll will do in his third try in the NFL?

2. What was the most disappointing player you were a fan of, but who flamed out?

3. What's your most hated sports broadcaster cliche?

4. Will St. Tim Tebow ever be a starting NFL quarterback?

5. What's the hardest name in sports to spell?


P-Cat said...

I'll start.

1. Some success. I think he may have learned a little over the years and not be so rah-rah.

2. Kevin Maas.

3. "He's a gamer!" What does that even mean?

4. I think he may have a shot. But it won't be easy. The right coach, the right situation, then maybe.

5. Look at the picture: T.J. houshmanzadeh

Pete S said...

1. He's an experienced coach now. I think he will build a winner.

2. Koren Robinson. Coming out of NC State, he was rated higher than Torry Holt. He had alcohol problems and made a pro bowl as a returner. He's out of the league.

3. I cannot stand that expression, as it is almost as bad as "go to guy."

4. He will get the opportunity at some point without question.

5. Mike KRZYZEWSKI. I had to look it up.

Travis said...

1. .500 maybe a little better.

2. Roy Tarpley. He just couldn't lay off of the coke.

3. "It is what it is" How insightful.

4. Yeah, probably at least once due to injury.

5. What, P-Cat said, or as I like to call him T.J Housh....