Monday, March 1, 2010


First off, like everyone else who watched it, gotta say....that Canada-America hockey game was one for the ages. Great game. Both teams should be proud.

Unfortunatly though, I don't think hockey is going to get even 1 percent more popular due to this game. Hockey's problems are bigger and harder to fix  than just one good game.

Baseball America came out with its Top 100 prospects of 2010. And at first look, I have to say....damn the Rays have a ton of prospects. Out of the Top 100, they have the number 6, 18, 34, 35, 54, 67 and 68 prospects. To counter, the Diamondbacks and Cardinals have just 1 prospect in the Top 100.

As a counter, released the Yankees top prospects of the past decade. And wow. The list is a catalog of disappointment and frustration. Just a few of the names that didn't pan out. Randy Keisler, John-Ford Griffin, Drew Henson, Bronson Sardinha, Sean Henn, Eric Duncan, Tyler Clippard, C.J. Henry, Steven White. And it is interesting to note, that some of the players who did have success in the majors, did so elsewhere. Ted Lilly, Nick Johnson, Juan Rivera and Dioner Navarro to name just a few.

When exactly did Mike Lupica turn into such a bitter little human being. here's what he wrote yesterday on the Olympics:

But then these are the two weeks, every four years, when we're supposed to feel as if the world has practically stopped spinning on its axis because the U.S. won a gold medal in the Nordic combined.

By the way, after Lindsey Vonn did win the women's downhill with her sore shin, it took just a couple of keystrokes the next day to find the first headline that read this way: "Profile in Courage."
You can only imagine what the coverage would have been like if she'd won with a sore pinkie.

Do the networks overhype some stuff? Sure. But here's an athlete who's been working her entire life to try to compete in the Olympics and win. Kind of a big deal for her, don't you think Mike? Why not let her have her few minutes in the spotlight and let the rest of us get excited about an Olympic  sporting event. And lighten the heck up.

Prediction: The Wildcat formations will start to fade out from the NFL this year. After seeing how Pat White and Michael Vick fared last year, and seeing who played in the Super Bowls recently— dropback QBs exclusively—teams may still have some variation of the Wildcat, but it wont be the huge phenomenen some broadcasters made it out to be. And that might be bad news for Tim Tebow.

Nice bit of humility by Albert Pujols this week. Apparently, Albert has a new nickname: "El Hombre" and he doesn't like it. "I don't want to be called that. There is one man that gets that respect, and that's Stan Musial. He's the Man. He's the Man in St. Louis. And I know 'El Hombre' is The Man in Spanish. But he is The Man. You can call me whatever else you want, but just don't call me El Hombre." Nice to see that from a guy as talented and dominant as Pujols.

Can't understand why so many mock drafts have Jimmy Clausen going ahead of Sam Bradford. Of, course, assuming his shoulder is fine, there's no competition between the two. Anyone watching football on fall Saturdays the last couple of years should know that Sam Bradford is the better of the two QBs in this draft. hands down.

I have one question for Eric Hinskie who apparently did this himself voluntarily. Why? Oh, and nice Banana Republic whities, Eric.

One last thing: NBC's research found that 35% of all viewers — including 25% of males — said they cried watching Vancouver coverage. Dear Lord. Just tell me it wasn't at figure skating. Curling, sure OK. But not figure skating.

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Pete S said...

It was an exciting game yesterday, but hockey just isn't an American game. It's not soccer, which never was and never will be popular, but we're too busy with our higher scoring sports to bother with hockey.

The Rays look like they could be competitive for years. It's a good thing the Yankees have deep pockets.

I'm glad you said something, P-Cat because I have always found Mike Lupica to be a little curmudgeon. You get the feeling he was picked on by jocks as a child and he is getting his revenge now. I'd like to see how Lupica fares on skis. He's a jerk.

Good point on the that you mentioned it, none of the really good teams in the NFL used it extensively. It's a passing league.

I think maybe the shoulder injury has scouts spooked on taking Bradford. The guy's a stud. It's not like Oklahoma has an easy schedule, either. I love Notre Dame, but it seems whenever they have a good QB the guy winds up being overrated (Mirer,Paulus, etc.)

Hinske reminds me of one of those bounty hunters on TV. Creepy.

Does laughing till you cry count? I cried during the Vancouver coverage watching some of the male figure skaters shed tears of joy as they picked up their flowers from the ice.