Monday, March 8, 2010


Here's an interesting web site. It's called Baseball Projection, and the link I have here is to Derek Jeter's and Alex Rodriguez's career projections from 2010 on. Apparently according to these guys, Jeter's numbers begin the slow deluge this year, as his BA drops each year from now until 2014, which is when he apparently retires. A-Rod 's numbers suffer a similar fate, but he hits at least 20 homer runs a year until he retires in 2017. He ends up with 815 home runs, though he doesn't hit above .250 after 2015. Not the projections the Yankees want to see on their 25 million dollar a year investment.

Here's a thought. Send Chicago Bear TE Greg Olsen—who does fit into Mike Martz's offense—to the New England Patriots. Olsen is a catch and run TE who in the right offense with a good QB, can be dangerous, something the Pats need. The Bears who just signed blocking TE Brandon Manumaleuna could get some of the draft picks back that they lost trading for Jay Cutler.

Wow. Does Julius Peppers, instead of sacking quarterbacks, just swallow them? I mean, look at the size of his mouth.

The New York Times did a "Isn't that sad" type piece in the Sunday sports section on Kei Igawa. In it they write: "Igawa is mostly out of sight and pretty much out of mind. He is rarely mentioned in conversations about the fifth slot in the starting rotation, a competition that involves as many as five candidates." They also mention he is working on a cutter and retired all 5 batters he faced in his forst Spring Training appearance. They he went out and got rocked by the Minnesota Twins and gave up 5 runs oin 1 inning of work. Keep working on that cutter, Kei.

Has their been a pschizophrenic team this year in college basketball than Lousiville? They lose to Western Carolina, Charlotte, UNLV, but beat Syracuse (twice) and West Virginia. Could turn out that they could be a surprise team in the Tournament. Or they could lose in the first round to New Mexico State College of Iron-Mongering.

Interesting that the Eagles decided to keep Michael Vick. To me, it seems a little more likely now that they trade Donovan McNabb and have Kevin Kolb and Vick fight it out over the summer.

As of this writing, Jon Alabadejo's ERA is 189.00. That number again is 189 runs per inning.

Oooops. What I...uh...meant to say...was....uh.

Anquan Boldin and his averages of 84 catches for 1,074 yards, 6 TD and 12.8 yards per catch as a No. 2 receiver (behind Larry Fitzgerald) for a 3rd and 4th round a stupidly awesome deal for the Ravens, who haven't had a commanding number 1 receiver in.....infinity.

Never truer words ever written by Peter King:

So without being judgmental ... if Roethlisberger is without fault, it still is utterly preposterous he puts himself in these situations. If Roethlisberger is without fault, he has to re-think who he associates with, and he has to re-think whether it's a very good idea to be hanging around college bars at 2 in the morning. If Roethlisberger is at fault, the issues are entirely different. If he's at fault, he has got to grow up.

Did the Mets build their new stadium on an ancient Indian burial ground? I mean, it's not just that they are injured, it's that its all bizarre injuries and odd circumstances.

And lastly, I've never been a big fan of the Miami Hurricane football program, but this guy, who just "U-ed" Bobby Bowden....well it's just awesome.


Pete S said...

Who knows how long Jeter and A-Rod can continue to put up similar numbers. Nobody called the year Jeter had in 2009, so projecting his numbers in particular is difficult.

Greg Olsen would put up huge numbers on the Patriots. He would be a great fit - nice call.

The last time I saw a mouth like Juluis Peppers' it had a hook in it. (Rimshot!)

Louisville is a feast or famine team because they press so much and shoot a lot of threes. If they are hot they can beat anybody.

Big Ben hired the lawyer who defended Ray Lewis during his murder trial. Either he did something criminal or galactically stupid again. I believe Big Ben will be out of the league in a few years because he is so immature. I could see him breaking his legs in a cave-diving accident.

You're right about was a steal for the Ravens. Joe Flacco is probably overjoyed.

Travis said...

I could not believe that Boldin deal. Especially, in light of what the Cowboys paid for Roy Williams.